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Video: Damon Lindeloff Talks Lost, Star Wars, Star Trek and Prometheus!

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video: Damon Lindeloff Talks Lost, Star Wars, …, posted with vodpod

Video: Extended Clip of David Tennant in FRIGHT NIGHT!

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Here’s the first long clip of David Tennant as Peter Vincent in the remake of Fright Night.  I think Tennant fans will be very pleased.  He’s oh so very Tennant-ish.

Video: Third Video Diary for THE HOBBIT!

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You get to see P.J. do a bit of acting in this one.  And lots of fun stuff about the first block of shooting.  Stick with this one till the end.  There’s a very special surprise in store!

Bigfoot Footprint Found in Illinois!

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The footprint above measures 18 inches long.  It was reported to the Chatham,  Illinois police by local resident Michael Patrick.   The print had been discovered by crewmen who were replacing a pool liner on his mother’s property.   The night before strange animal noises had been heard in the area that had spooked a neighbor’s German Shepherd.  As yet there is no explanation for the unusually large footprint.  Nor  for a series of five “claw marks” found nearby.


Video: Second Video Diary for THE HOBBIT

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You’ve probably already all seen this.  We forgot to post this a few weeks back.  So, call us completists,  but we had to post it anyway.

And, if you haven’t seen this one, it offers some insights into the production schedule.  A bit about the end of the first block of shooting.  And some location scouting for the next block.  Enjoy!

Video: Is This the Best Evidence of Reincarnation?

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We’re not especially convinced.  The boy is almost never allowed to speak for himself.   Mostly it’s just the parents relying information which we are just supposed to accept.

Further hampering our ability to accept this material is the video itself.   It’s clearly not a piece of journalism.  It’s a package created to sell a book.  And as a comment on YouTube wisely puts it:

never believe somebody whos selling something

Yup, you really shouldn’t.

Is the NYC Skyline the New Stonehenge?

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Is there something strange about the alignment of the skyscrapers in Manhattan?  Something similar to the astrophysical alignment of Europe’s stone circles, like Stonehenge?  Well, many have noticed this.  Chief among them the astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.   He even coined the term “Manhattanhenge” to explain this similarity.

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Tom Baker to Appear in Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special?

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In this interview from the DWO Doctor Who podcast, Tom Baker explains the exact circumstances that would allow him to appear in a future episode of “Doctor Who”.

Video: John Carter (of Mars)!

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Okay, we’re not too thrilled with this trailer. For an adaptation of one of the most exciting series of Science Fantasy novels, it looks awfully dull and generic. (And we bet they lopped the “of Mars” off the title because of the poor performance of Mars Needs Moms. )  Let’s hope this is just the case of a weak trailer.

Spielberg will Make First Ever Appearance at Comic-Con!

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For the first time in his career, Steven Spielberg will be appearing at Comic-Con.   It will be on July, 22, 2011 as part of the The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn panel.  He will also be receiving the annual Inkpot award.

Most believe this appearance is due to concerns over Tintin.  The big budget CGI motion capture film which is far from a sure thing.  Especially in America where the source material, a Franco-Belgian comic, is not especially well known.  Will it work?  Well, a similar appearance by James Cameron prior to the release of Avatar did.  But Spielberg isn’t as much of a huckster as Cameron.  Hmmm …

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