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Do You Like the New Ice Warrior?

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Above is the new design for the return of classic “Doctor Who”  monster to this year.   As you’ll note it draws heavily on the design (below) from classic series .  Classic series fans are especially excited about this design.

Although purists point out that the new design lacks the clamp shaped hands,  the fur trim, and the pear shaped body.

What do you think?   Is the new design a great way of honoring the past?  Too faithful?  Or, for those clamp hand fans out there,  not faithful enough?


United States Air Force Flying Saucer!

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Pictured above is an experimental aircraft built by the USAF in 1956-57 known as “Project 1794”.  It was built by the Canadian company Avro Aircraft, LTD.  It was tested in  Malton, Ontario.  The test version was subsonic, but a Mach 4 version was on the drawing table.

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John Barrowman Reveals He’s in “Very Secrective” Talks to Appear in “Doctor Who” 50th!

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In an appearance on Friday, on ITV’s “This morning”, when asked about his  involvement in this year’s “Doctor Who” 50th anniversary season, he responded:

I haven’t had any information up until just about right now.  And all I can say to you is we’re discussing things.

Then with visible enthusiasm he added:

That’s a total exclusive!  You guys are the first to ever hear.  Even yesterday I was giving interviews and I was saying I’ve heard nothing.  And now I can give you a little bit of an exclusive.

Later he noted:

It’s all very secretive.

You can watch the whole interview after the jump …

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