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Video: Tour the Studio Where They Film DOCTOR WHO!

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Cardiff is now one of the top centers of television production.  Less than a decade ago such a statement would have been met by gales of laughter.  But people aren’t laughing now.  The BBC has produced some its biggest shows of the 21st century in the Welsh capital, including “Doctor Who”, “Torchwood”, “Sarah Jane Adventures”,  “Casualty”,  and “Upstairs Downstairs”.  And now they have a new state-of-the-art, purpose-built television facility in Cardiff called Roath Lock.  Below you’ll be treated to a video tour hosted by Arthur (Rory Williams) Darvill.  And, think of this, many children today, dreaming of going into television won’t be setting their sites on London, or even Hollywood, they will be aiming for Cardiff!

“The Fades” Win Best Drama Series BAFTA!

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Despite being cancelled, the supernatural series “The Fades” walked away with the Best Drama series BAFTA at last night’s awards ceremony.  Could this mean a rethink at the Beeb about the cancellation?  Could be.  This award, combined with weak late series performance form “Lip Service” (the series recommissioned rather than “The Fades”) could lead to some heated debate.  But, unfortunately, they’re likely to stick with thier intiial decision.  Programming execs hate admitting when they’re wrong.

AUDIO: X-Minus One – “Soldier Boy”

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In honor of Memorial Day, here’s an adaptation of Michael Shaara’s science fiction ode to the average soldier.  This originally aired on the radio series “X Minus One” on October 17, 1956.    Author Michael Shaara is probably best known for his Pulitzer Prize winning novel about the Battle of Gettysburg The Killer Angels.  His name has also been lent to an award honoring the best in Civil War fiction.

ART: Fantasy Take on THE AVENGERS!

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Check these fine concept sketches by Italian artist Denis Medri, giving as a view of what The Avengers might look like in a Tolkien or Dungeons and Dragons style fantasy universe.  We dig these sketches so much we want the mini-series, like, now!

Video: DOCTOR WHO Mini-episode Written by Kids!

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Here’s the “Doctor Who” mini-episode that appeared on the legendary British children’s program “Blue Peter”.    The script was written by children who won a competition to write a short “Doctor Who” episode which somehow involved the 2012 London Olympic.  We think they did a great job.  And, with no “Doctor Who” until fall, this mini-episode makes a nice little bonus to tide fans over.

THE EXORCIST Television Remake Not a Remake, Claims Author!

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Yesterday, Vulture, in an “exclusive” story reported that Morgan Creek was developing a ten part television remake of William Peter Blatty’s novel The Exorcist.   This production will be directed by Sean Durkin (Martha Marcy May Marlene) and produced by Roy Lee (The Departed and The Ring).  However, later in the day, Mark Kermode on his Radio 5 film review program, quoted the following from an email he’d received from William Peter Blatty:

As for The Exorcist TV series, in as much as I have no idea what the script looks like,  it certainly does not have my blessing.    I was never consulted or even told about it by Morgan Creek. … it cannot be a TV remake of my novel to which they have no right whatever …

So, if this isn’t a remake of The Exorcist, what is it?  Well, Kermode suggested,  Morgan Creek did some of The Exorcist sequels so they retain rights to some characters and story elements.  Hmmm … let’s return to the original Vulture article which states:

Unlike the iconic 1973 film, Durkin’s version of The Exorcist follows the events leading up to a demonic possession and especially the after-effects of how a family copes with it …

So, actually, it sounds like they are remaking the prequel and sequels to which they hold rights and not the original novel.   Yawn.

Video: Trailer for “Touch” Spin-off Series “Daybreak”!

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Here’s a trailer for “Daybreak” a ten episode webseries related to the Fox series “Touch”.   Looks excellent.  It’s written by Raven Metzner and directed by John Cassar.  For more information on the series click here.

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