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Video: Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL

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Good teaser.  Just enough Supes stuff to tell you it’s a Superman film.  And just enough other stuff to suggest it’s gonna be different.  The flick is a year away.  But this is a good beginning in their marketing efforts.


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With the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises less than a day away, it seems like the right time to share these rare pix of the only Batman that matters … Adam West.  The wide angle shot (above) gives a really good view of the interior of the Batmobile.  It’s almost as good as taking a ride.   Then we see Mr. West bespectacled (middle) studying a script for an upcoming episode.  He looks quite fatigued.  Are those “bat-bags” under his eyes?  And finally we see Batman (bottom) on the backlot, making a dramatic exit from the Batmobile.   Burt Ward (Robin) can been seen with his back to the camera.  No one could jump from a Batmobile like Mr. West!

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Free Michael West Horror Novels Available Today Only!

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Kindle versions of Michael West’s horror novels Cinema of Shadows and Poseidon’s Children are available for free via Amazon, today only!  So fire up your Kindle or point or iPad and pick those books up now!

Karloff Plays Cricket!

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Boris Karloff, pictured above bowling, at an match in 1948 for the OCC (Overseas Cricket Club).  They are playing against the HCC (Hollywood Cricket Club) founded by C. Aubrey Smith (pictured below, batting in stripes) in 1932.  Both were part of Southern California Cricket Association.  Due to the number of ex-pat Brits in Hollywood in the thirties and forties these matches were quite popular.   The HCC was by far the more of the two.  It boasted most of the major British stars of the era as members, including Ronald Colman, Laurence Olivier, Leslie Howard, David Niven, Nigel Bruce,  Nigel Bruce and Cary Grant.  There was even a permanent Cricket ground for their use in Griffith Park.

Novelist Evelyn Waugh satirized the HCC and  C. Aubrey Smith in his novel “The Loved One”,  calling him Sir Auberon Abercrombie.

The HCC still exist.  And still promotes cricket in California.  You can visit their website here.  But they have lost most of the social and political cache they had in the thirties and forties.

Video: Trailer for William Shatner’s “Get a Life” Documentary!

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After taking on the various Trek series commanding officers in “The Captains”,  William Shatner now turns his documentary lens on fan culture in a brand new documentary, William Shatner’s “Get a Life”.  The documentary premieres on EPIX on July 28, 2012.

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