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AUDIO: Rogers of the Gazette – “Pastel Christmas Trees”!

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rogers of the gazette pastel christmas

When it comes to a nice country Christmas, most people expect a traditional green Christmas tree.  But there are some who prefer …

“Pastel Christmas Trees” originally aired on “Rogers of the Gazette” on December 9, 1953.

Audiobooks Marketed to Multitaskers!

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audiobook conception with headphones and books

Audiobooks are hot.  This once decidedly unhip form of entertainment, the purview of grandmas and square commuters, has exploded in recent years.  And most industry mavens think the growth is just beginning.  They feel huge segments of the public will embrace audiobooks given half a chance.

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Do You Like the New Ice Warrior?

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Above is the new design for the return of classic “Doctor Who”  monster to this year.   As you’ll note it draws heavily on the design (below) from classic series .  Classic series fans are especially excited about this design.

Although purists point out that the new design lacks the clamp shaped hands,  the fur trim, and the pear shaped body.

What do you think?   Is the new design a great way of honoring the past?  Too faithful?  Or, for those clamp hand fans out there,  not faithful enough?


VIDEO: UFO Over Costa Rica!

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Christmas Audio: THE CINNAMON BEAR – Episodes 7 and 8!

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The adventure keeps getting better.  And wackier!  One of the most delightfully wacky parts of the series comes in episode eight.  When the Candy Pirates sing their unforgettable song “Candy Ho!”.

Missed an episode?  Click here and find them all!

Toyfair 2012: Hasbro’s New Marvel Movie Toys!

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With big Marvel movies hitting the multiplexes this summer, Hasbro is jumping on the bandwagon, releasing new lines of Spiderman (above)  and Avengers (below) toys.

The Spiderman figures will be hitting store shelves on May 28th.  The range with include 3.75″, 2″ and a special 13″ figure.  The Avengers figures will appearing sooner, staring on March first.  All the figures in this line will be 3.75″ will offer movie versions of Captain American, Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, Hawkeye and others.  The line will also feature a nifty 3′ version of the S.H.E.I.L.D. Helicarrier.  Who doesn’t want that?

Audio: Whitley Strieber Special Halloween Story!

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From Whitley Strieber’s website Unknown Country comes this special Halloween story.  And it’s a doozy!  Realistic.  Apocalyptic.  And dark, dark, dark.  So no wonder it’s called “Darkness Absolute”.  So turn the lights out, if you dare, and hit the play button.

Surprisingly, Strieber performed this story without a text, a note or even editing.  You can download an mp3 of the story here.

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