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AUDIO: Mysterious Traveler – “Christmas Story”!

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Sometimes when you take a journey into the world of mystery and suspense you come back with a …

“Christmas Story” originally aired on “The Mysterious Traveler” on December 25, 1951.



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The reformed Hammer Studios has announced they will be remaking their 1957 classic The Abominable Snowman. It will be produced by Ben Holden (The Quiet Ones) and penned by Matthew Read (Pusher) and Jon Croker (Angel of Death). Hammer has released no details on the remake other than that it will offer a “contemporary take” on the original.

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Top Ten Stephen King Quotes!

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Stephen King Reads From His New Fiction Book "11/22/63: A Novel" During The "Kennedy Library Forum Series"


“I am the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and fries.”


“Fiction is the truth inside the lie.”

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Top Ten Robert Heinlein Quotes!

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“Don’t handicap your children by making their lives easy.”


“I have never learned from a man who agreed with me.”

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Golden Age Patriotic Comic Book Covers!

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In honor of Independence Day, here are a series of patriotic covers from comic books golden age.  Be warned that some of these covers feature racist portrayals of the Japanese and people of other races.  But this gallery would be incomplete if covers of this type were not included.  However, if you sensitive to such images perhaps you would prefer to skip this post.

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United States Air Force Flying Saucer!

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Pictured above is an experimental aircraft built by the USAF in 1956-57 known as “Project 1794”.  It was built by the Canadian company Avro Aircraft, LTD.  It was tested in  Malton, Ontario.  The test version was subsonic, but a Mach 4 version was on the drawing table.

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New York City is under a blizzard warning tonight.  So what better way to wait out the night than listening to some radio drama.  Especially if it offers a …

“Blizzard of Terror” originally aired on “The CBS Radio Mystery Theater” on February 18, 1974.

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