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The Doctor’s Daughter “Jenny” to Return in “Doctor Who” Finale!

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Or at least that’s what a lot of fans thought when this very Time Lady-ish photo was released labelled “Jenny”.  For those who don’t remember, “Jenny” was a character who appeared in a series four episode entitled “The Doctor’s Daughter“.  She wasn’t actually the Doctor’s daughter, but a person created by a machine using the Doctor’s DNA.  She seemingly died at the end of the episode, but was revived in an epilogue.  The Doctor, however,  is unaware of this.  She was originally portrayed by Georgia Moffet.  However, since she has Time Lord DNA is it believed she could regenerate.  Hence, the new actor possibly playing her (above).

Georgia Moffett is also the “Doctor’s Daughter” in another way.  Her father is Peter Davison who portrayed the fifth Doctor on the series.  And just to make this even more convoluted.  She’s currently engaged to David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor).  The couple had a child in March.  Phew.  We weren’t sure we could get that all out.

More photos from the finale after the jump … but BE WARNED some of these photos CONTAIN SPOILERS

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Video: New Interview with Noel Clarke on his Time on “Doctor Who”!

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Candid interview on the Kermode and Mayo Show with Noel Clarke.  In this segment, he covers his time on “Doctor Who” and why he thinks he wasn’t very good at the beginning of the show.

Video: STARLOG Television Commercial!

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If you were a sci-fi kid in late seventies to early eighties, chances are Starlog magazine was a big part of your life.  It’s hard to explain the impact of Starlog to someone too young to remember it.  This was a time not only before the widespread adoption of the Internet.  But if was before the entertainment press was a part of most people’s lives.  Entertainment Tonight was a few years off.  And cable television was still pretty rinky-dink.

Starlog opened up a world to us kids.  A world of future movies and televisions series.  A world where the wizards who created special effects became real people to us.  For Starlog readers Douglas Trumball, Rick Baker, Jim Danforth or John Dykstra were stars!  And interviews with them were as exciting as Q &As with Mark Hamill or William Shatner.

It was a great magazine.  And a great time to love genre movies.


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Really has a Close Encounters feel.  Not unlike this …

Of course with Spielberg as producer it comes by this pedigree honestly.  But almost exactly like …

… something we’ll show you after the jump …

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Video: Abrams and Spielberg Discuss SUPER 8!

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Nice interview with the boys about the creation of the project.

UFO Movie May Be Based on “The Long Sleep”!

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According to the Fanderson site, the upcoming movie based on Gerry Anderson’s television series “UFO” may be based on an episode of that show entitled “The Long Sleep”.  This news came from a Fanderson “member” called Kofax who’s working on the movie.  The reason he can’t be sure of the plot is because the crew has only been given fragments of the script.  This cloak and dagger bit aside this information begs two important questions:

What is the episode “The Long Sleep” about?  And would it make a good movie?  Well, we have the info and know-how to answer those questions.

After the jump …

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Trailers From Hell is quite simply one of the best movie sites on the Internet.  Their remit is simple:  Post trailers.  Have cool film people (e.g. Joe Dante, Rick Baker, Edgar Wright, Guillermo del Toro, Larry Cohen, Roger Corman, and many, many more) comment on those trailers.  Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.

But for many of us TFH fans that simply wasn’t enough. And the dudes at TFH must have sensed this.  Because they have now launched a blog.  They’re calling it:  FROM HELL IT CAME!  Here’s their rational for its creation:

… our endemic TFH commentaries are necessarily limited to the lengths of the individual trailers, and sometimes there’s more to be said. Moreover, there are lots of things on our minds that don’t lend themselves specifically to trailer commentaries, many of which have been recorded long before they actually appear on our site.  So we thought we might give this a shot and see how it goes.

Count us in!  And if you wanna join in on the fun all you have to do is click here.

Happy Birthday STARS WARS! (Share Your Memories)

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On this day in 1977, Star Wars opened in theaters nationwide.  It changed movies forever.  We’d love to hear your memories of the first time you saw thing film.  And what it’s meant in your life.

Post them in the comments section below!

Original Pinhead to Appear in HELLRAISER Relaunch!

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Yup, according to a recent interview with MTV, director Patrick Lussier wants Doug Bradley (the original “pinhead”) to appear in the Hellraiser relaunch:

Doug is pretty critical and key to the whole history of the franchise, just his face and how it looks covered in the pins and his voice, just his presence… That’s something that we’re working through with Dimension right now, about the uniqueness in the approach to Pinhead and how he’ll appear and how he’ll resonate with the past and how he’ll be presented to the future.

Although this project has described in many articles as a “remake” or “reboot”.  It is apparently more of a “sequelized relaunch”.  (Try saying that three times fast.)  In other words, the continuity of the first film will remain intact, but the Lussier film will reintroduce this world to a new audience.

First Reactions to J.J. Abrams’ SUPER 8!

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Saturday marked the first public screenings of J.J. Abrams new sci-fi film Super 8.  Journalists in attendance were under an embargo … until now.  Paramount has given them the go-ahead to tweet about the film.  So we sauntered over to Twitter and snagged some of the choice tweets:

Steven Weintraub of Collider said:

It’s great. Made me feel like a kid again

Jen Yamato of Movieline said:

I enjoyed Super 8’s Goonies vibe; the kids are great. Has its problems, but none are deal breakers for me…though they will be for others.

Jenna Busch of Moviefone said:

Tweet embargo is lifted, so I can finally say it:  Super 8 is AMAZING!!!! Nostalgic, action-packed and just damn entertaining! Woot!

Manny the Movie Guy said:

SUPER 8 is funny, spooky, haunting, uplifting…old school filmmaking at its finest…YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Steve Barton (Uncle Creepy) of Dread Central said:

Saw Super 8. Wow. Just wow. Days later I’m still happy it’s like Christmas for monster movie fans!

Peter Sciretta of Slash Film said:

I’m now allowed to tell you: Yes, I have seen Super 8 – Loved it, they don’t make these types of movies anymore.

We were unable to find a negative review.  This was our most anticipated movie of this summer.  Now you see why.

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