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There are all kinds of dangers an adventurer might face.  But nothing more intriguing than …

“Flying Saucers” originally aired on “Dangerous Assignment” on April 17, 1950.    This is one of the shows from the early fifties that had both radio and television versions airing at the same time, and featuring the same cast.  The TV series was somewhat obscure, and hard to find.  But now, thanks to Hulu, the series can be watched for free.  The television series only had a single 39 episode season.  Hulu has made all the episodes available.  The radio series ran for three years.  About 90 episodes have survived.  But series star the always reliable Brian Donlevy.

Video: STARLOG Television Commercial!

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If you were a sci-fi kid in late seventies to early eighties, chances are Starlog magazine was a big part of your life.  It’s hard to explain the impact of Starlog to someone too young to remember it.  This was a time not only before the widespread adoption of the Internet.  But if was before the entertainment press was a part of most people’s lives.  Entertainment Tonight was a few years off.  And cable television was still pretty rinky-dink.

Starlog opened up a world to us kids.  A world of future movies and televisions series.  A world where the wizards who created special effects became real people to us.  For Starlog readers Douglas Trumball, Rick Baker, Jim Danforth or John Dykstra were stars!  And interviews with them were as exciting as Q &As with Mark Hamill or William Shatner.

It was a great magazine.  And a great time to love genre movies.

Will “The Event” Be an Event?

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From one of the creators of “24” comes “The Event”, the latest in a line of unsuccessful attempts to create a new “Lost”.   And reviews point to the same problems with earlier attempts.  The Hollywood Reporter puts it this way:

unless they reward viewer trust with a few satisfying answers — and soon — “Event” will see a sharp decline in RSVPs.

HitFix offers similar, though more pointed, criticism:

[“The Event”] doesn’t offer up anything of interest beyond scene after scene that invites the viewer to wonder what the hell is going on and when someone is going to step in to explain it.

However, TV Overmind, offers more positive words, claiming:

[“The Event”] contains three essential qualities that I require in a show for both a time and an emotional commitment: cast, chemistry and compelling creative.

And adds:

Trust me when I tell you that you do not want to miss the debut of this series next week. It is a riveting hour of high quality television, and stands tall among the crop of average new shows premiering throughout the month.

Viewers will be able to judge for themselves soon.  The series premieres this Monday (9/20/10) at 9:00 PM on NBC.

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