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NEW MOON Has Much to be Thankful For!

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New Moon snagged the top spot at the box office for a second week running.  The teen screamer earned $42.8 million over the Thanksgiving weekend, inching out The Blind Spot‘s $40.1 million take.  This brings New Moon’s domestic box office total to $230 million.  Not too shabby for a film with a production budget of $50 million.

UFO in “Flashforward”!

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UFO Digest offered this interesting bit from a viewer who believed he saw a UFO while watching episode five of ABC’s new drama “Flashforward”.

This is what the submitter had to say:

I was watching episode 5 of the new series of Flash forward and noticed something hovering, it seems to be stationary in the background of the image.

It doesnt seem to be an airplane of any kind so I took a screen image (capture) from the film.

It seems to be some kind of UFO by the look of it (possibly). Please take a look at the program. as the name of the image implies, it was 7 mins 45 seconds into the program. You can see this white (thing) hovering. I’ve no idea what it is, perhaps it’s worth looking into?

I am not the owner of any of these images I just took it upon myself to take a snap (them)from the film shown online.

Hmmm …

It’s worth noting that it’s unlikely that this footage was shot for “Flashforward”.  Shots like this are usually purchased from stock footage houses.


Horror Movies: Scary or Fun?

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Brian Mattus has a fascinating article at Fangoria Online:  Asking the simple question:  Are  horror movies supposed to be scary or fun?

Here’s the meat of the piece:

All too often, it seems that people complain that a horror film was “bad” because it wasn’t “scary”. Without any context, this is essentially meaningless. For example, when was the last time a movie scared them, and what was it?

I feel that this “problem” has less to do with the quality of a film than it does with someone’s having built up a tolerance. Besides being a horror fan, I’m also a fan of very spicy food, and I have an assortment of hot sauces made from habanero and scotch bonnet peppers in my refrigerator at all times. My tolerance of spicy food is significantly higher than average, but my fiancee would argue that just because I don’t feel a dish is spicy, this doesn’t necessarily make it so.

Curiously, when horror films aren’t being accused of being bad because they’re not scary, it’s because they’re “not fun”. This seems to be a by-product of the ’80s, when so many horror films were glutting the market that the genre largely descended from “fright films” into horror-comedies – intentional or not.

These are all interesting questions.  In general, the answer of course is both and neither.  To us the crucial element of horror is that it deal with the “horrific” in some form or another.  And whether this is done through being scary or funny is less the issue.

More THE WOLFMAN One-Sheets

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Click on images for larger view.

Win a Copy of “Ghost Radio” by Leopoldo Gout!

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Fearnet’s latest contest is offering you the chance to win a copy of Ghost Radio in their latest contest.  You’ll also win a bunch of other DVDs, comics, and games.  Here’s what you can win in the prize pack:

Alien DVD Boxset, Silent Hill DVD, The Andromeda Strain miniseries DVD, three Sony Playstation games including Resistance 2, Fallout 3 and Condemned 2: Bloodshot, and the novel Ghost Radio by Leopoldo Gout. Just for good measure we’ll throw in a FEARnet notebook, squishy eyeball (to relieve all that stress from watching these great Sci Fi/Horror films) and a FEARnet Beanie so you’ll never be left out in the cold.

In order to enter, all you have to do is click on this link, and fill out the form.  Easy peasy.

But be quick about it.  The contest closes on the 29th.

Alan Moore Launches a New Website!

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Comic book god Alan Moore has launched a spiffy new website called “Dodgem Logic”.  The whole thing looks just wonderful.   It’s a promotional site for his new magazine of the same name which is an attempt to recapture the spirit of underground magazines of the seventies.  The site attempts to do much the same thing.

Click here to give it a look-see and watch Alan Moore’s amusing introduction to magazine and site.

Also check out this page where you can download a bunch of obscure tracks from various Northhampton artists for free!

Ghost Radio Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Video: Stonehenge UFO Photos

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Most of these look aren’t that interested.  But we rather like the last shot with the classic UFO.

Portman Thinks Branagh is Weird

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According to E! Online, Natalie Portman has an interesting reason for taking on a role in the Thor:

I just thought it sounded like a really weird idea I just thought it sounded like a really weird idea ’cause Kenneth Branagh‘s directing it … And Ken Branagh doing Thor is super weird. I’ve got to do it.

Branagh is an odd chocie, but not so much when you remember the tone and battle scenes in his Henry V.  We do think it’s weird that Portman is already calling Branagh “Ken”.   He just doesn’t seem like a “Ken” to us.

UFO Lands “Fringe” Star

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Joshua Jackson, star of “Fringe” and “Dawson’s Creek”, has landed the role of “Paul Foster” in the big screen remake of Gerry Anderson’s seventies cult TV series “UFO”.  “Paul Foster” was originally played by Michael Billington.

Michael Billington as "Paul Foster" in UFO.

The film will be directed by Iron Man effects whiz Matthew Gratzner from a script by first time scribes Ryan Gaudet and Joseph Kanarek.

Jackson lacks Billington’s cool, but we can think of worse choices.

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