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TV Producer Haunted by New Year’s Eve UFO Mystery

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Thirty Year Old New Year’s Eve UFO Mystery Still Unexplained!


From the New Zealand Herald:

On the morning of December 31, 1978, I received an early-morning call from Neil Miller my chief-of-staff in the newsroom at Channel 0 (now Channel Ten) in Melbourne.

He was babbling, telling me one of our reporters and a freelance film crew had filmed UFOs from a freight plane in the skies over Kaikoura the previous night.

My friend – and fellow Kiwi – Quentin Fogarty was the reporter. I had sent him to recap another apparent encounter by two pilots 10 days earlier.

The objects were also seen by the two pilots, Bill Startup and Bob Guard, Quentin’s cameraman, David Crocket, and his wife, Ngaire, the sound recordist.

They were also confirmed on ground radar in Wellington and Christchurch, and further confirmed by the plane’s radar.

We also had 16mm film footage of the lights.

Read the rest of the story here.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD Action Figures Released!

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From Dread Central:

EMCE Toys and FearWerx have confirmed that the Mego Night of the Living Dead figures are finally on their way to consumers! Multiple issues both home and abroad caused delays upon delays getting the figures done, but that is all in the past and you can finally look forward to having your own Graveyard Zombie and/or Ben Mego figures.


Read more here.

TWILIGHT Sequel on Fast Track

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LOS ANGELES – (AP) “Twilight” fans have a short wait for the next installment of the vampire saga.

Summit Entertainment spokesman Paul Pflug says “New Moon” is following just 12 months after the first movie, opening Nov. 20, 2009, over the same weekend as “Twilight” this year.

Summit has tapped Chris Weitz (“The Golden Compass”) to direct “New Moon,” based on the second book in Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling series about the dangerous romance between a teen (Kristen Stewart) and a vampire (Robert Pattinson) fighting his bloodsucking instincts.

Weitz is taking over the franchise from “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke. “Twilight” has shot to $150 million at the box office since debuting Nov. 21.

The Most Literate Cities in the U.S.

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From the LiveScience Website:

Once again, bookworms in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest have beaten out Yankee types to reach the very top of a researcher’s list of the most literate American cities.

Minneapolis and Seattle tied for the top ranking this year, based on local newspaper and magazine circulation, library data, online news readership, book purchases and resources, and educational attainment.

Here is the full Top 10 Most Literate list for 2008 (OK, there are 11 cities on the list) generated by Jack Miller, president of Central Connecticut State University:

Minneapolis (tied for 1st)
Seattle (tied for 1st)
Washington, D.C.
St. Paul, Minn.
San Francisco
St. Louis
Cincinnati (tied for 10th)
Portland, Ore. (tied for 10th)

The study also found out this intriguing fact:

Contrary to popular wisdom, Internet use correlates with reading words printed on paper, Miller found. Cities ranked highly for having better-used libraries also have more booksellers; cities with more booksellers also have a higher proportion of people buying books online; and cities with newspapers with high per capita circulation rates also have a high proportion of people reading newspapers online.

Read the rest of the article here.

Viral Video/Trailer for THE UNBORN!

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Faking real youtube videos is very hard.  Even Hollywood pros can’t do it, as demonstrated here.  However, they at least have the good sense to not attempt to carry “their hoax” through the whole video.

Dread Central’s Best and Worst of 2008

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dc_logoOur friends at Dread Central offer their take on ….


Their views are always worth a read.

Check them out here.

Video: Humanoid Creature Caught in a Mousetrap!

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Here’s video of, and the story behind, what is being called “The Metepec Creature.”

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