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Tennessee Ghost Hunters Target Paranormal Hot Spots

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From Sidelines Online:

Investigating the paranormal has become a popular hobby in the last decade. Shows like “Supernatural” and “Ghost Hunters” are entertaining to some viewers, but don’t exactly portray the real organizations and groups that investigate abnormal activities at historic landmarks.

Even though genuine groups are scarce in Tennessee, there is one group called the Tennessee Ghost Hunters that has been around for 13 years. Joanne Shelton, a day care director, says she founded the Tennessee Ghost Hunters after her daughter began college.

“I’ve always been interested in the paranormal, and my daughter just started college and we needed to get a computer, so the first thing I looked up was ghost hunting,” Shelton says. “There were about three groups in Tennessee, [and] I e-mailed all of them and only one replied back.

“He was this man from Hermitage and this was when this was just starting to get popular. He was mostly interested in the angel aspect of it and was about to move, so he turned it over to me.”

The group began going to places that were public, Shelton says, but then started looking at places on the Internet that were expected to have ghosts.

“We even went to out-of-state places like the Myrtle twice, which is in Louisiana,” Shelton says. “It is supposed to be the most haunted home in the United States. We’ve been to Gettysburg Battlefield, which is very haunted because so many deaths occurred there.

“We would go to the old Tennessee Prison, which was one of my favorite investigations. Once you get started, they [customers and locations] come to you, and you don’t have to seek places out.”

Shelton says that she has heard of instances where shows exploring haunted places tend to embellish and add their own effects instead of obtaining real evidence.

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Apple Valley Haunting

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Haunted Home on 10788 Kiavan Road in Apple Valley, CA.

Haunted Home on 10788 Kiavan Road in Apple Valley, CA.

Ghost Theory has a nice post about a haunting in Apple Valley, California.  He’s a taste:

We moved in the summer before fourth grade (1977 I think) and I don’t remember what happened first but things moved/disappeared/reappeared, there were dark “clouds” that darted from room to room, a woman in a long black nightgown sort of thing, my bed shook, I saw an arm come over the end of my bed and pinch my big toe (this incident is VERY clear), gosh, what else… my sister had a “man” who lived in her room and talked to her, my name was called often, the door handle rattled, etc and just never felt alone. This is going to sound crazy given the way things are today with kids being whisked from their homes, but I slept outside on the back patio in a sleeping bag most of my 5th grade year because I was too terrified to stay in my bedroom.

This house is empty again as far as I know. The people who bought it from us in 1981 or 82 reportedly abandoned it about six months after they moved in. It was a man who had a daughter about my age and I always wondered if maybe she had strange experiences and that maybe contributed to their quick move out. I think it’s empty this time because of the economy though…. Tried to contact the real estate agent to see if he could maybe pull up any history on the house but I think he thought I was a head case! ;-) Oh well!

I STILL have nightmares about this house sometimes… it’s thirty years later for pete’s sake! We didn’t have a television growing up so I wasn’t really exposed to a lot of scary movies or anything like that but that makes me wonder if maybe my imagination was just running overtime out of boredom or something like that too.

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Paranormal Podcasts Hit the Big Time!

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Brothers are Forces Behind a Paranormal Network

The Courier-Journal
November 1,  2008

GEORGETOWN, Ky. — Para X Radio started with just two shows and four people: a couple in Texas and the Jones brothers in Kentucky.

“They’d listen to us; we’d listen to them,” says Tom Jones, who formed the network with his brother, Dave, to share podcasts of their paranormal investigations.

A year later, Para X, an online radio network, boasts 30 live shows a week, with dozens of different presenters as hosts, and more than a million visitors. The podcasts have become shows with guests and topics, some of which now air on CBS Radio and Para X.

“It just mushroomed; boom; took on quick,” says Tom Jones, the tech expert.

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