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Video: Cylinder UFOs Spotted Across the World!

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Exciting round-up of recent cylinder UFO videos and photos.   After the jump:

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Video: Alien “Grays” Caught on Video

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Man-Bat Terrorizes Mexico!

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Drawing of man-bat by eye witness.

Drawing of man-bat by eyewitness.

From Inexplicata – The Journal of Hispanic Ufology:

According to information supplied by Ing. Francisco Prieto Torres, residents of La Junta, Guerrero (Chihuahua) have reported the appearance of a “Man-Bat”.

They describe it as a very tall entity, standing some 2 meters tall, with two pairs of wings (one pair larger than the other). Its face is covered in fur and has red, bloodshot eyes. Also reported are a pair of small, kangaroo type hands that it held loosely, as though it lacked any strength in them.

The main witness is a young student at Universidad Regional del Norte, whose name is being kept confidential, and who claims that the strange humanoid chased him for 15 minutes on the evening of March 6.

The witness was driving a Liberty back to his home after his studies, when he saw a bulk on the roadway asphalt resembling a hunched-over man who seemed to be covered in a blanket. The figure suddenly stood up, taking two leaps forward and displaying a set of wings similar to those of a bat. The young man floored the accelerator in an attempt to flee, but the strange creature flew with great power, keeping abreast of the vehicle and looking in through the passenger window.

“Those were 15 minutes of maximum despair,” he said.

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This story reminds us quite a bit of the famed “mothman” sightings.

Video: Humanoid Creature Caught in a Mousetrap!

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Here’s video of, and the story behind, what is being called “The Metepec Creature.”

New Video of “Flying Humanoid” Over Mexico

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Here’s the new video:

Here’s what the youtube poster has to say about his video:

Hi, I’m Carlos Santillan in Tlalnepantla Mexico City
I recorded today saturday december 27th 2008 this weird looking object I do not know what it was.
I do not want to speculate by calling it a balloon nor a UFO nor a flying humanoid. Wacth the video, & judge by yourself. At the end of the video there are stills.
Thank you

And here’s the famous “flying humanoid video” from 2006:

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