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Happy Halloween From Ghost Radio!

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Video: Ted Cassidy Doing “The Lurch”

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“The Lurch” … a dance craze which should really return.

Video: Best “Trick or Treat” Scene in a Movie!

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Who’d have thought that one of the best trick or treating scenes in a movie would come from a lavish MGM musical.  But it does.  This famous, and very effective, scene comes from Vincent Minelli’s Meet Me in St. Louis.


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Horror has had a weak autumn at the box office.  All of the releases in the genre have drastically underperformed.  And some worried that Paranormal Activity 2 would fall this trend.  Not so.  The film not only performed, it broke records, landing the highest weekend gross for a supernatural horror film, nabbing a total of $40.7 million!

This suggests that the hunger for horror hasn’t abated.  Just shifted.  And that current audiences prefer a more zeitgeist-y, relevant horror that the studios were offering … till now.  It will be interesting to see how SAW 3D performs when it opens this (Halloween!) weekend.

Is NBC Desperate?

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Or have they just lost their collective minds?  Despite the cancel worthy ratings of “Chuck” and new shows “Chase”, and “Undercovers”, the network has given them all additional orders.  “Chuck” and “Chase” have gotten full series orders, and “Undercovers” has gotten an additional script order.

Some have suggested this is based on a dislike of their mid-season replacement shows.  Or, with the change of management, they simply don’t want to justify any shows currently in development chosen by the previous programming team.  Or, maybe, it is just the desperation or madness suggested above.  But, however you slice it, it’s an odd move.


New Zealand Rallies for “The Hobbit”

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The recent news that Peter Jackson’s production of The Hobbit would not be filmed in New Zealand, due to labor disputes, has the population in a tizzy.  And Kiwi supporters are planning a major nationwide rally to keep the production in their country.  Here’s a video advertising this rally:

Preview: Superman – Earth One!

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Earth One” is a new series of graphic novels from DC Comics,  imagining what the company’s classic heroes would be like if they were introduced for the first time today.  This series of graphic novels begins with Superman: Earth One written by J. Michael Straczynski and drawn by Shane Davis.  It hits bookstores on 10/27/10.

A five-page preview follows after the jump …

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