Is NBC Desperate?

Or have they just lost their collective minds?  Despite the cancel worthy ratings of “Chuck” and new shows “Chase”, and “Undercovers”, the network has given them all additional orders.  “Chuck” and “Chase” have gotten full series orders, and “Undercovers” has gotten an additional script order.

Some have suggested this is based on a dislike of their mid-season replacement shows.  Or, with the change of management, they simply don’t want to justify any shows currently in development chosen by the previous programming team.  Or, maybe, it is just the desperation or madness suggested above.  But, however you slice it, it’s an odd move.


2 Responses to “Is NBC Desperate?”

  1. I’ve no idea how low the ratings are,chuck as far as i’m aware gets quite a lot of critical praise.It might just be a case of if they cancel it,they then have to find a show to replace it.

  2. Guinness-Stout Says:

    Full disclosure here…I work for an NBC station. I should also add that I recently worked for Fox Television.
    That said, I have to admit that I have been pretty dismayed by what the big 4 have been turning out over the last decade or so. CBS, a network that for so long seemed to be aimed at the over 60 crowd does appear to be improving over the last couple of years and Fox manages to pull decent ratings but with (in my opinion) low budget disposable fluff.
    From my point of view, the networks give up on a show and replace it before anyone gets a chance to see it.
    TV networks are the ultimate “deer in the headlights” companies. If something becomes a “hit”, they all scramble to copy it fast without much thought and seem to assume the audience won’t notice and/or are too stupid to care. Like…do we really need another “talent” or “dance” show with 3 judges (one judge has to be English with a snotty attitude)? They believe we do want it and we are only craving more.
    NBC is indeed desperate, but in a way they all are. They have to compete with cable and “on demand” programs. Being original rarely enters the mindset these days. It’s all about following the trends and having something ready to roll that can jump on whatever bandwagon the trend seems to be riding.
    Dang, 20+ years in the business can make a person jaded.

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