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VIDEO: Extraterrestrial!

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This film opens in limited release this weekend.  The studio describes it thus:

When Julio wakes up in a strange apartment after a night of partying, he’s pleasantly surprised to discover it belongs to a beautiful one-night-stand he can’t remember – Julia. What’s already an awkward situation is made even more so when they discover a giant flying saucer hovering above the city, which is now deserted. Now Julio must contend with a jealous ex-boyfriend, an eccentric neighbor — and very possibly the end of the world!

Watch a trailer after the jump.

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VIDEO: Twin UFOs Over Atlanta!

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Intriguing video.  The consistent luminous density of the objects, and lack of atmospheric distortion, suggests trickery.   However,  there’s a subtle separation and concretion in the pairing that seems too clever hoaxer.   Or are they just planes?  Judge for yourself.

This video was reported taken by “Mike Smith” in a plane over Atlanta, Georgia on June 4, 2012.

AUDIO: Bradbury 13 – “A Sound of Thunder”

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“A Sound of Thunder”:  It’s a time travel story.  It’s a dinosaur story.  And it’s one of the best examples of  both.  It’s also a classic and hugely influential.  This adaptation originally aired on the radio show “Bradbury 13”  on May 21, 1984.




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The TNT alien invasion series “Falling Skies” begins its second season next Sunday, June 17, 2012.  And to get you geared up and ready we’re sharing these brand new stills from the series.  Enjoy!

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AUDIO: X Minus One – Bradbury Twofer!

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We continue our Ray Bradbury tribute with a very special episode of the series “X Minus One”.  This features not one but two!  Count ’em two adaptations of Bradbury stories.  The first is “There Will Come Soft Rains”.  Bradbury’s classic tale of nuclear holocaust.  He discusses both the story and this radio adaptation in the interview posted yesterday.  Next up his “Zero Hour”.  Another end of the world scenario.  But this time involving children.  Chilling stuff.  We love this episode.  But, given recent events, we got quite wistful when the narrator referred to Bradbury as a “young writer”.  The episode originally aired on December 5, 1956.

If you loved “Zero Hour” but were left wanting more, you can listen to a longer adaptation from the radio series “Suspense” here.

Will UFOs Buzz the Olympics?

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According Nick Pope they just might.  And, when it comes to UFOs, Nick Pope knows what he’s talking about.  From 1991-1994,  he worked for ” Sec (AS) 2a” a part of the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense.  While at “Sec (AS) 2a” his duties included the investigation of UFO sightings, and the analysis of their potential impact on national defense.  Since leaving the Ministry, he has written and  lectured widely on UFOs, and engaged in a number of private investigation.  And, now, in a recent interview he’s suggesting that UFOs may make a spectacular appearance at this summer’s Olympic games.

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AUDIO: Bradbury 13 – “Bradbury on Bradbury”

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More of our tribute to Ray Bradbury.  This time instead of a story we get to hear Bradbury talking about his life and work.  He offers great advice not only about writing.  But about life itself.  This was prepared as a promotional piece for the radio series “Bradbury 13”, and it has become an episode of the series when it has been repeated.  It was recorded in late March, 1984.

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