Will UFOs Buzz the Olympics?

According Nick Pope they just might.  And, when it comes to UFOs, Nick Pope knows what he’s talking about.  From 1991-1994,  he worked for ” Sec (AS) 2a” a part of the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense.  While at “Sec (AS) 2a” his duties included the investigation of UFO sightings, and the analysis of their potential impact on national defense.  Since leaving the Ministry, he has written and  lectured widely on UFOs, and engaged in a number of private investigation.  And, now, in a recent interview he’s suggesting that UFOs may make a spectacular appearance at this summer’s Olympic games.

He suggests that “aliens” might choose the Olympics because of their understanding of our culture:

It has been a widely held belief in Ministry of Defense circles that “aliens” have been able to detect us for decades via TV and radio broadcasts,” he said adding that mass summer events would be a prime time for alien crafts to present themselves to mankind.

If aliens have studied our psychology, they may choose to appear in our skies on a significant date – the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games is one date being widely circulated by conspiracy groups.

Pope believes such an appearance would be indicative of the UFO occupant’s peacefulness and good will, because he believes in revealing themselves they would be vulnerable to attack:

If UFOs came into our atmosphere, RAF jets such as the Eurofighter Typhoons, and missiles such as the Rapiers guarding the Olympic Games would be well equipped to enter the fray.

Pope did not suggest the likeliness of any of these scenarios.  But one thing’s for certain.  This does give us an added reason to watch the games.


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