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New “Doctor Who” Song!

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A new “Doctor Song” from Alega Rosenberg who a gave us the classic “Say Hello” a few years ago.  This one’s about “The Day of the Doctor”

Her previous song, “Say Hello” ,which was based on events in the Neil Gaiman penned episode “The Doctor’s Wife”, got a lot of attention.  Even from Neil Gaiman himself.  And now he gives it another honor …

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Video: Neil Gaiman’s Preview of his DOCTOR WHO episode “Nightmare in Silver”!

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Enjoy this little intro to Gaiman’s latest “Doctor Who” episode.

VIDEO: Graveyard Ghost!

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This one is a real head scratcher …

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AUDIO: Bradbury 13 – “Bradbury on Bradbury”

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More of our tribute to Ray Bradbury.  This time instead of a story we get to hear Bradbury talking about his life and work.  He offers great advice not only about writing.  But about life itself.  This was prepared as a promotional piece for the radio series “Bradbury 13”, and it has become an episode of the series when it has been repeated.  It was recorded in late March, 1984.

Video: Neil Gaiman – All Hallows Read!

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We’re with Gaiman and fully support this initiative.   Giving books on Halloween is truly an idea whose time has come.  We think any book would be a great choice.  But, of course, we recommend this one.  For other book recommendations and more information on All Hallows Read click here.  And you call follow the the All Hallows Read Twitterage here.

Doctor Who: Neil Gaiman Wanted Hartnell Reference in “The Doctor’s Wife”!

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In a new blog entry, Neil Gaiman answers a lot of questions about his “Doctor Who” episode “The Doctor’s Wife”.  And we learn a lot of  fun tidbits about the episode.  Like this great one:

I was determined to get a mention of the TARDIS’s Mercury Fluid Link in there, because it was the first bit of the TARDIS I ever knew the name of, along with the machine that made food that looked like Mars Bars but tasted like bacon and eggs, but neither of them got on screen.

Both of these are references to “The Daleks” the second “Doctor Who” serial ever broadcast.  And the one that made “Dalek” a household word and the show the phenomena  it still is today.   This story featured William Hartnell as the Doctor (above) and William Russell, Jacqueline Hill, and Carole Ann Ford as Ian Chesterton, Barbra Wright and Susan, respectively.  For more of the Gaiman “Doctor Who” Q&A click here.

Neil Gaiman Praises YouTube Singer!

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We’ve long been fans of  stopitsgingertime, the YouTube channel featuring a High School girl’s songs about “Doctor Who” and other genre television shows.  We highlighted one of her songs here.  Well, now she’s got a much bigger fan than us to champion her cause.  None other than Neil Gaiman, comic book and fantasy writer, not to mention author of this year’s brilliant “Doctor Who” episode “The Doctor’s Wife“.  This is what he had to say about the YouTube songstresses recent effort:

Took me 3 years of scribbling & rewrites to make 45 minutes of Dr Who, summed up in 2:29 by a smart girl with a ukulele

We’ve gotten good reviews before.  That is a VERY good review.  You can watch her response to that tweet above, and watch the song Gaiman is referring to after the jump.

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Video: DOCTOR WHO “A Good Man Goes to War” Preview Clips!

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River ain’t helping, and Rory’s a-Roman.  Get it?  A-Roman.  Like a-roaming.  Yeah?  No?  Ah … never mind.

Don’t feel blue, there’s a reference to “headless monks” in this one.

Video: Wonderful Tribute to the TARDIS!

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From “Doctor Who Confidential” comes this exquisite video tribute to the most wonderful blue box in the universe.  She really is a “sexy thing”.

Video: Best Scene from “The Doctor’s Wife” Episode of DOCTOR WHO

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A bitey mad lady lays some Time Lord science on the Doctor.

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