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Happy Halloween From Ghost Radio!

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What better way is there to spend Halloween than by perusing the Ghost Radio website.  We have ghost pics, videos, ghost stories and all that good stuff.  So enter your favorite Halloween search term in the search window and enjoy.

Photos: Snap of 13 Billion-Year-Old Exploding Star!

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The image above shows a gamma burst from a star which exploded when the universe was only 630 million years old, about 13 billion years ago.  And you thought some of your snapshots were old.

This image shows that complicated stars were forming even in this relatively early period in the universe’s history.

For more on this story click here.

NEW MOON a Chart Topper!

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Slap the name “Twilight” or “New Moon” on something and people come running.  Fans of this franchise are vampiric in their quest for anything and everything related to their beloved universe.  And makers of the soundtrack CD for New Moon have just discovered that.

The soundtrack album opened at #1 on the album charts and that’s even before the movie has been released.  The album includes the songs featured in the film, including artists such as Death Cab for Cuties, Band of Skulls, The Killers and Thom Yorke.

Mysterious Black Cat Sighting in Luxembourg

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The sightings of mysterious large black cats is one of the more intriguing phenomena in the world of cryptozoology.  And it’s one we find particularly intriguing.  Here’s the lastest report of such a sighting from Agence France-Presse:

A BLACK panther sighted in northeast France several weeks ago, and last seen in Belgium in September, was possibly spotted in neighbouring Luxembourg over the weekend, police said today.

“Police were alerted Sunday at 3.30pm by a lady who saw a black panther in an industrial zone in Bascharage,” a small community in southwest Luxembourg, spokesman Vic Reuter said.

“We sent out several patrols with dog handlers, and a police helicopter with a thermal camera searched for several hours but we couldn’t find anything,” he said, adding that the hunt was abandoned in the late afternoon.

He said police were taking the sighting “very seriously”, given that a similar animal had been seen in the Ardennes region not far away in Belgium.

This is one of the most interesting things about these sightings:  Police and other officials still take them seriously.

The panther hunt began on August 24, when a large wild cat was first spotted by hikers in woods in the Meurthe-et-Moselle region of northeast France.

Tracks at the site were found to be those of a “great cat, probably a black panther,” according to French hunting and wild fauna office (ONCFS).

Around a dozen further sightings occurred in France, including one by a natural sciences teacher which was thought to be very credible.

No circuses or zoos have reported such an animal missing, and officials believe the cat might have been raised by a person living in the area.

We don’t know what these sightings are:  Misidentification, an unknown species, some form of paranormal occurrence, or something we haven’t even thought of yet.  But, whatever they are, they keep us interested from story to story.

THE DEVIL Comes to Twitter!

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Sorry, not really.  Well, not yet anyway.  Rather we’re referring to the filmmakers of the upcoming film The House of Devil.  They’re hosting a special event on Twitter this Halloween.

Here’s how the press release describes it:

As THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL prepares to open on Halloween we want to give fans an opportunity to conduct a live twitter chat (at #DEVILHOUSE) with filmmaker, Ti West!

It is simple to participate. At 11am PST on Thursday 10/29 login to twitter and put #DEVILHOUSE in the search bar and hit enter. You are now following the conversation. If you have a question, be sure to put the #DEVILHOUSE tag in it. This way the question will stay on this thread. We expect a large turnout so please be patient we while try to answer as many questions as possible. We appreciate your support in getting our vital message out to the public.

Not the most revolutionary use of Twitter.  But we’ve become so intrigued in the film thanks to its  wonderful posters.  (You can see one of the best ones above.  Take a gander at the rest here.)  So we might take a look.


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The Paramount released low-budget shocker Paranormal Activity had another strong weekend at the Box Office.  In it’s widest release so far (1,915 screens), PA not only saw a 12.1% increase in box office but took the top place at the box office with $22 million, smashing it’s nearest competitor Saw VI which only brought in $14.8 million in its opening weekend.  This is more impressive news for the low budget horror community.

Twitter: SCREAM 4 Not(!) in 3D!

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kevin williamson

Screenwriter/Creator of the Scream franchise Kevin Williamson debunks rumors that Scream 4 will be in 3D.  And he did it via Twitter.  His first tweet, posted on the 24th, had this to say:

What is this Scream 4 in 3D? First I heard of it.

Then an hour later he added:

Guys? Really? 3D? Nahhhhh.

So that’s that settled.  You can follow Williamson on Twitter here.

Audio: A Taste of Neil Gaiman’s New Audio Book

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Direct from Neil Gaiman’s blog, here’s an excerpt from the new Harper Audio version of Good Omens, the novel that Gaiman wrote in collaboration with Terry Prachett:

Video: Triangular UFO Hovering Over England

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Brand new footage of a triangular UFO.

Here’s how the YouTube poster describes this video:

a truly rare sighting, sorry for it being so short, i did film for about 20 minutes, but it just stayed in the same position the WHOLE time. this is belived to be a triangular starship quite possibly from somewhere in the Orion belt. An amazing craft. It faded away after being there for about half an hour. Unfortunatly, i did not have the chance to film it as i did not see it fly off

It is a strange video.  The lack of running lights suggest isn’t an blimp or balloon.  But we’d like to see daylight footage of the same area to assure us it isn’t a structure.


Poe Play Extends Run

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Nevermore … An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe, a one-man show about the famous author, extends its run at Los Angeles’ Steve Allen Theatre until December 19, 2009.  The play stars Jeffrey Combs and is written by Dennis Paoli and directed by Stuart Gordon.  The same team that brought you the cult classic Reanimator.

Those in the Los Angeles area who haven’t seen this production yet should take advantage of its extended run.  This looks like a production you won’t soon forget.

Tickets for the extended run aren’t online yet, but keep checking the website as they soon will be.

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