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Art Bell’s Bizarre Email to SiriusXM!

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A little over two weeks after leaving his show “Dark Matter” on SiriusXM satellite radio, Art Bell has confirmed (on that the company plans on enforcing the non compete clause in his contract.  If not challenged and overturned this will prevent Art Bell from appearing on radio for two years.

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Art Bell Quits … Again!

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After only six weeks on the air, radio talk show host Art Bell’s new show for SiriusXM has abruptly ended its run.  The reason?  Here’s what he had to say:

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Vote on Your Favorite New Broadcast Network Genre Show!

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genre shows 2013
Although there are more to come in the weeks ahead, the broadcast networks have already premiered three of their new genre shows. Which is your favorite:

And post your thoughts on any of these series in the comments section below!

Top Ten Stephen King Quotes!

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Stephen King Reads From His New Fiction Book "11/22/63: A Novel" During The "Kennedy Library Forum Series"


“I am the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and fries.”


“Fiction is the truth inside the lie.”

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Art Bell Returns to Radio!

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Art Bell, master of paranormal radio, will be returning to the airwaves on September 16, 2013. The new show will be called “Art Bell’s Dark Matter” and will be broadcast on Sirius XM satellite radio.

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Audio: Grant Morrison on Magic!

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A lecture on magic given at the Omega Institute in 2005 by comic book writer Grant Morrison.

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THE TOMORROW PEOPLE Remake — First Look!

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Tomorrow People

This fall the CW will introduce a remake of the British cult series “The Tomorrow People”.  Get a first look and some background info after the jump.  Or is that “jaunt’?

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Video: Recent Ghost Videos!

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ghosts caught on tape

Round up of intriguing recent ghost videos after the jump.

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The Wednesday Phenomena!

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Wednesday.  Hump day.  Another week halfway through.  And, other than winning a few bar bets about the name’s connection to Norse mythology, few pay Wednesday much mind.  It’s rarely a holiday.  Songs aren’t written about it.  Nor books.  Nor plays.  Nor poems.

Sure, people have made attempts to give Wednesday some verve.  There’s been “wild Wednesday”, “wordless Wednesday”,  and “big Wednesday”.  But none of it has stuck.  And Wednesday has remained the loneliest, least heralded day of the week.

But perhaps that’s a mistake.

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Video: New BOND Girls!

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She gets big kudos for not blinking while firing automatic and semiautomatic weapons.  Think it’s easy?  You try it.  It’s why everyone in The Matrix wore dark glasses.

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