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Video: What’s Missing in the SKYFALL Teaser?

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The first teaser trailer for the new Bond film SKYFALL dropped yesterday.  We dug.  You’ll probably dig.  But it’s missing something.  And we kinda like the fact that it’s missing this thing.  Oh, you may ask, what the heck are we talking about.    Well, why don’t you watch the trailer and see if you notice it:

Did you notice what was missing?  No?  Really.  Well, we’ll tell you after the jump.

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Video: New BOND Girls!

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She gets big kudos for not blinking while firing automatic and semiautomatic weapons.  Think it’s easy?  You try it.  It’s why everyone in The Matrix wore dark glasses.

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First Video Blog for the 23rd James Bond Film: SKYFALL!

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Grab your Martini shaker and Walther PPK, because it’s time to start getting excited about the new Bond film which (finally!) went into production.  And here’s director Sam Mendes first video blog to aid in that excitement.

Howard Hyping DARK TOWER!

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It seems Ron Howard and Imagine Entertainment has wanted to keep their production of “The Dark Tower” in the news over the holidays.  As online sources and newspapers are awash with casting rumors, highlighting a supposed battle between Viggo Mortensen and Javier Bardem being for the lead role.  Reports suggest the suits want Bardem and Howard wants Mortensen.  Or vice versa.

Ho hum … call us when there’s real news.

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