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Video: What’s Missing in the SKYFALL Teaser?

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The first teaser trailer for the new Bond film SKYFALL dropped yesterday.  We dug.  You’ll probably dig.  But it’s missing something.  And we kinda like the fact that it’s missing this thing.  Oh, you may ask, what the heck are we talking about.    Well, why don’t you watch the trailer and see if you notice it:

Did you notice what was missing?  No?  Really.  Well, we’ll tell you after the jump.

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Video: New BOND Girls!

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She gets big kudos for not blinking while firing automatic and semiautomatic weapons.  Think it’s easy?  You try it.  It’s why everyone in The Matrix wore dark glasses.

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First Video Blog for the 23rd James Bond Film: SKYFALL!

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Grab your Martini shaker and Walther PPK, because it’s time to start getting excited about the new Bond film which (finally!) went into production.  And here’s director Sam Mendes first video blog to aid in that excitement.

Bond 23 Finally Back on Track!

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After some corporate wrangling, and legal to and fro, the Bond franchise is back on track, hoping to meet a November 2012 release date for the next film.  (Which still has no name.)  Most of the team lined up for this film, before it stalled more than a year ago, have signed up once again.  And that includes actor Daniel Craig, director Sam Mendes, and the Eon team of Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

However, the long wait has forced them to lose the services of  the two-time Oscar nominated screenwriter Peter Morgan (The Queen, Frost/Nixon).  But don’t weep too many tears.  He will be replaced by another double Oscar nominee John Logan (Gladiator, The Aviator).

This four year drought represents the longest gap between films in the series featuring the same actor as Bond.  We hope it’s worth the wait.

Photos: Unpublished James Bond Audition Stills

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This is a real treat!

Life magazine has dipped into their archives and found a series of photos of the final auditions for the role of James Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.  Unknown Australian actor George Lazenby would land the role.  But now we have a chance to see images of the other actors auditioning for the coveted part.

John Richardson was the most experienced actor of the bunch, getting some attention for his roles in in the Hammer productions of  She and One Million Years B.C. Here we see him testing for a love scene.

Anthony Rogers had recently appeared in Camelot.  But, after this screen test, he would disappear into obscurity, never to land another acting role again.  Here we see his take on Bondian smoking.

Robert Campbell was new to acting.  And here we see him being helped into a shoulder holster.

Hans de Vries would go on to career playing small roles in a variety of British television series.  But here all he seems to have on his mind is a Bondian lip-lock.

Finally, here’s the man who landed the role, George Lazenby, looking confident and relaxed.

You can see even more photos of these auditions here.

So, based on these photos, do you think they chose the best man for the role?

Moons, Stars and Sci-Fi Gadgets: GR Week in Review

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A somewhat slow week at GR.  But here’s a quick overview:

We looked at all the uses of sci-fi gadget, another sci-fi gadget that’s becoming a reality,  and a famous actor who’s known for playing a character fond of sci-fi gadgets.

We examined some water on a distant moon, saw a famous mystery solved by a space vehicle which cannot reach even a local moon,  and a movie with box office headed to the moon.

We heard of a star-filled movie headed for blu-ray, a star-shaped UFO over Brazil, and a no-stars movie review.

If there’s something you want us to cover let us know.  Either talk about it in the comment section or send an email to

It’s your blog just as much as it is ours.

Plus, if you need a copy of the GHOST RADIO the book this site is all about, you can order one here.

Daniel Craig to Bond with Ghosts!

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According to The Hollywood Reporter Daniel Craig is in talks to appear in the Jim Sheridan helmed ghost story Dream House.  According to THR:

Craig would play a man who moves his family to an idyllic small town, only to find his house haunted by its former inhabitants, who were murdered there.

Doesn’t sound that original.  But with Sheridan at the wheel this should be a class project.   And it’s been a while since we’ve seen a classy ghost story.


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