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Top Ten Stephen King Quotes!

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Stephen King Reads From His New Fiction Book "11/22/63: A Novel" During The "Kennedy Library Forum Series"


“I am the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and fries.”


“Fiction is the truth inside the lie.”

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Art Bell Returns to Radio!

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Art Bell, master of paranormal radio, will be returning to the airwaves on September 16, 2013. The new show will be called “Art Bell’s Dark Matter” and will be broadcast on Sirius XM satellite radio.

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Video: Cylinder UFOs Spotted Across the World!

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Exciting round-up of recent cylinder UFO videos and photos.   After the jump:

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Spooky Audio: MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER – “The Haunted Trailer”!

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Today a lighter tale of ghosts, travel, marriage and some wonderful sound effects.

You ever want to just spend a relaxing day have an old chin wag with a ghost?  Well, we can’t offer you that.  Not yet at least.  But this story offers the next best thing.  And it all happens in …

“The Haunted Trailer” originally aired on “Mysterious Traveler” on June 3, 1952.


VIDEO: UFO Spotted From Crop Circle!

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This is an excellent example of how to film a UFO.  The context for the image is shown., including a specific verifiable location.  The video is continuous until the object disappears.  And other eyewitness are interviewed immediately.  The video has also been posted on YouTube by the videographer who shot it.  On YouTube he notes:

Please note, although the length of time that you see the object is brief, before I got to my video camera to start filming it was glowing incredibly brightly. Like someone in the sky was shining a dazzlingly bright torch. It was unreal.

The object does initially appear to be a star.  But the fact that it shrinks and then disappears negates this theory.  Others suggest it’s a plane reflecting the sun.  A possible explanation but not a definitive one.


The Wednesday Phenomena!

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Wednesday.  Hump day.  Another week halfway through.  And, other than winning a few bar bets about the name’s connection to Norse mythology, few pay Wednesday much mind.  It’s rarely a holiday.  Songs aren’t written about it.  Nor books.  Nor plays.  Nor poems.

Sure, people have made attempts to give Wednesday some verve.  There’s been “wild Wednesday”, “wordless Wednesday”,  and “big Wednesday”.  But none of it has stuck.  And Wednesday has remained the loneliest, least heralded day of the week.

But perhaps that’s a mistake.

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UFO Sighting of the Century?

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Possibly the greatest UFO sighting in years.  Why?  Because it has a credible witness, photographic support (above), and potentially 4 corroborating witnesses.  Listen to this fantastic interview from Whitley Strieber’s “Dreamland”.

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