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Guy Pearce Plunged Into Darkness!

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According to Chud, the remake of the seventies TV movie classic “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” has just found a lead.  Yup, it’s LA Confidential and Time Machine alum Guy Pearce.

Pearce will be joining Katie Holmes in this story of a house overrun by small demons.

Here’s a taste of the original complete with some old commercials to get you in the mood:

The original TV movie starred Kim Darby (True Grit), Jim Hutton (The Green Berets), and William Demarest (“My Three Sons”) and was director by John Newland (“One Step Beyond”).  And it’s well worth your time if you can hunt down a copy.

Just What Every Red-Blooded Man Needs: A Robogeisha!

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Check out this trailer for Noboru Iguchi’s new film Robogeisha who plowed similar territory in his film Machine Girl.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Just What Every Red-Blooded Man Needs…“, posted with vodpod

Nearly One in Five Italians Trust Sorcerers!

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Embarrassed about your obsession with sorcery?  Maybe a trip to Italy should be in the offing.  Well, if the following story from the AFP is to be believe:

ROME (AFP) – Nearly 18 percent of the Italian population — 11 million people — trusts self-styled sorcerers and healers, a consumer watchdog said in a report Monday.

The group Telefono Antiplagio found more than 16,000 cases of people being scammed by sorcerers and healers since 1994. There are 155,000 sorcerers and healers active in Italy.

Every day, 33,000 people see sorcerers or astrologers in Italy, the study found.

The top reason for seeing a sorcerer is to soothe a broken heart (46 percent), followed by health problems (25 percent), violence (22 percent) and trouble at work (seven percent).


2009 Locus Award Winners!

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Here they are the winners of the 2009 Locus Awards announced on the 27th at a banquet in Seattle, Washington:

Science Fiction Novel:  Anathem by Neal Stephenson

Fantasy Novel:  Lavinia by Ursula K. Le Guin

First Novel:  Singularity’s Ring by Paul Melko

Young-Adult Book:  The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Novella:  “Pretty Monsters” by Kelly Link

Story Story:  “Exhalation” by Ted Chiang

Anthology:  The Year’s Best Science Fiction:  Twenty-Fifth Annual Collection, Gardner Dozois, editor

Collection: Pump Six and Other Stories, Paolo Bacigalupi

Nonfiction/Art Book:  P. Craig Russell, Coraline: The Graphic Novel, Neil Gaiman, adapted and illustrated by P. Craig Russell

Editor:  Ellen Datlow

Artist:  Michael Whelan

Magazine: F&SF

Publisher:  Tor

Remake Madness: American Werewolf in London!

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Yup, you read that right.  According to John Landis has sold the remake rights for An American Werewolf in London to Dimension Films.

Dimension is knee-deep in the remake swamp with Halloween 2 coming out this summer, and production beginning on the Hellraiser remake.

Oh, when will this madness end?

But while you’re howling to the moon about it, take a gander at this stylish teaser trailer from the original:

Plague of Locusts Swarm Utah!

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Grasshopper Invasion

From the Associated Press:

TOOELE, Utah – An ambitious director might look at Mitch Halligan’s property and see an instant B-movie classic: “Invasion of the Grasshoppers.”

The place is overrun with the greasy little bugs. With each step you take on his property, the squirmy inch-long grasshoppers jump for cover in every direction. Those that don’t crunch under foot perch themselves atop tall grass stalks, crawl up pant legs or munch through gardens.

Across the road isn’t much better. Grasshoppers blanketed the neighbors’ entryway a few days ago and forced them to come in through the back door.

“I’d call this the closest that I’ve seen to a plague in a long time,” Halligan said.

Grasshoppers are regular summer visitors and a perennial crop-eating pest for farmers, but this year’s invasion in Tooele County west of Salt Lake City is worse than anyone can remember. Tooele County commissioners have been swamped with calls about grasshoppers, particularly by people living next to undeveloped land where grasshoppers hatch — sometimes up to 2,000 per square foot.

“There’s like 100 times more grasshoppers than what we’re used to,” said Bruce Clegg, a county commissioner whose family has lived in the area for generations.

Many of the culprits this year are clear-winged grasshoppers, which began hatching several weeks ago and have moved like an unyielding wave across the parts of the landscape ever since.

Northeast of Tooele, the grasshoppers showed up suddenly and attacked Leana Jackson’s backyard garden, infiltrated her lawn and even found their way into her house and car.

“They’re just a nuisance,” Jackson said.

Alone, the brown and tan grasshoppers are small and more likely to tickle than terrify. But in large numbers — and they almost always come in large numbers — they are a hungry force to be reckoned with as they search for grasses and other plants to eat.

“Just their sheer abundance can make them a pretty destructive insect,” said Clint Burfitt, an entomologist with the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food.

His office estimates that grasshoppers have hit about 250,000 acres in Utah this year. That’s slightly more than the estimate at the end of 2008.

Grasshoppers come and go in seven- to 10-year cycles, said Larry Lewis, a spokesman for the Utah agriculture department. The overall numbers in Utah may not be that high — more than 1.4 million acres were infested in 2001 — but grasshoppers are drawing more attention this year as they move from farms to expanding suburban neighborhoods.

That’s where many of the calls for help are coming from, said Linden Greenhalgh, the Utah State University extension agent in Tooele County whose running tally of calls about grasshoppers this summer nears 300. People with houses that abut wild open areas where grasshoppers hatch are “sitting ducks” for the little invaders, he said.

“They’ll come in and devour their landscapes,” he said.

Part of the reason for this year’s infestation is the upswing of their normal cycle. But dry weather for several years, and a wet June this year that provides plentiful food for this year’s hatch, also play a role.

Plentiful populations have residents flicking them off their clothing, spraying several times a week and killing scores as they drive down the road.

“I think you could say it’s the worst-ever in Tooele County. I don’t think it’d be a stretch to say that,” Greenhalgh said. Tooele County sits in a valley about 30 miles west of Salt Lake City.

He and others have been scrambling to respond. Already, they’ve sprayed about 18,000 acres with a poison that targets grasshoppers’ ability to grow in their own exoskeleton.

Arriving with the grasshoppers have been flocks of hungry seagulls keen on bite-sized grasshopper snacks. That’s a strange if welcome sight — seagulls are Utah’s state bird, beloved for reportedly feasting on infesting crickets that were threatening Mormon settlers’ food supplies in 1848. Even people’s chickens, which normally gobble up as many grasshoppers as they can catch each spring and summer, can’t keep up.

But even birds and poisons probably won’t be enough.

The grasshoppers, most of which aren’t yet to the adult stage, will only grow bigger, and possibly more abundant, as the summer wears on, Halligan said.


Moons, Stars and Sci-Fi Gadgets: GR Week in Review

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A somewhat slow week at GR.  But here’s a quick overview:

We looked at all the uses of sci-fi gadget, another sci-fi gadget that’s becoming a reality,  and a famous actor who’s known for playing a character fond of sci-fi gadgets.

We examined some water on a distant moon, saw a famous mystery solved by a space vehicle which cannot reach even a local moon,  and a movie with box office headed to the moon.

We heard of a star-filled movie headed for blu-ray, a star-shaped UFO over Brazil, and a no-stars movie review.

If there’s something you want us to cover let us know.  Either talk about it in the comment section or send an email to

It’s your blog just as much as it is ours.

Plus, if you need a copy of the GHOST RADIO the book this site is all about, you can order one here.

Video: Mark Kermode’s Review of TRANSFORMERS 2!

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The most erudite and comprehensive review of Transformers 2.


Video: Star-Shaped UFO Over Brazil

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GRINDHOUSE Theatrical Cut Headed for Blu-Ray

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Despite it’s poor box office performance, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’ homage to Seventies exploitation films Grindhouse has legions of fans.  Count us among them.  But outside of purchasing an expensive Japanese Boxset, which is now out of print, one could not experience the theatrical cut of this movie at home.

Well, fans may have reason to rejoice, according to

An early announcement to retailers indicates that Genius Products and The Weinstein Company are set to release Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Grindhouse’ on Blu-ray on August 11. No edition details are available, other than this would be a two-disc set, but it may well be the theatrical Grindhouse double feature.

However, since no details have been released on this set yet, we have to keep this in the rumor category.  But we think its only a matter of weeks before you’ll be able to enjoy all the original, theatrical Grindhousey goodness at home.  Until that time, enjoy the trailer that opened the theatrical cut:

We just can’t get enough of that trailer.  And we may not have to.  To understand what we’re talking about click here.


UPDATE:  Well, it took a while.  But it’s finally coming!  It’s been more than year since we posted this article.  But a Blu-Ray of the theatrical version of Grindhouse will be hitting stores on October 5, 2010.  Amazon already has it available for pre-order, click here!

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