The Wednesday Phenomena!

Wednesday.  Hump day.  Another week halfway through.  And, other than winning a few bar bets about the name’s connection to Norse mythology, few pay Wednesday much mind.  It’s rarely a holiday.  Songs aren’t written about it.  Nor books.  Nor plays.  Nor poems.

Sure, people have made attempts to give Wednesday some verve.  There’s been “wild Wednesday”, “wordless Wednesday”,  and “big Wednesday”.  But none of it has stuck.  And Wednesday has remained the loneliest, least heralded day of the week.

But perhaps that’s a mistake.

Because Wednesday may hold more unique attributes than you may think.    In his book, The Mothman Prophecies, John Keel notes what he calls “the Wednesday phenomena”.   This describes the bizarre fact that the largest number of UFO sightings occur on a Wednesday.  This strange fact was verified not only through the sightings Keel himself cataloged, but those that were part of the Air Force record.  As further evidence, Keel also offers this story:

In March 1967, Ralph Jarrett talked me into violating my “low-profile” policy and I appeared with him on the Jackie Oberlinger show on WCHS-TV in Charleston.  In the course of our discussion I mentioned that the best time to see a UFO was 10 p.m. on a Wednesday.  Mres OBerlinger, a vivacious blond lady iand very much a local celebrity, took me at my word.  On Wednesday, March 29, she anda group of her friends gathered in her backyard in Charleston and, sure enough, at exactly 10 p.m., three globes of brilliant white light passed directly overhead in a V-formation.

Keel has not explanation for this phenomena.  But notes that other researchers have also noted it.  We have no idea it still holds true.  But what do you have to lose.  Come 10 p.m. tonight why not look skyward.  What do you have to lose?  At the very least it will spice up another dull Wednesday.

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