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Photos: More Shots of Chris Evans in Costume as Captain America

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Looks better than it has in other stills in the shot above.  But we’re still not sold.  However, this may simply be Cap’s WWII era costume.  In which case, we have to wait and see what the modern era one will look like.  Here are a couple more shots from the recent issue of Empire:

THE RITE Possesses Audience on Opening Weekend!

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The fall saw quite a few horror releases failing to find an audience.  But the first major horror release of 2011 seems to be faring better.  The satanic possession movie The Rite, starring Anthony Hopkins, won the number one spot at the box office this weekend with an estimated take of $15.9 million.   Is it religious-themed horror, combined with Hopkins star-power, that’s attracting fans?  Or is this beginning of another upswing for horror?  We don’t know.  But we’ll definitely be paying attention as more horror releases hit the multiplexes throughout the year.

Video: Ride a Dalek Today!

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This confirms one of our long held suspicions:  All toddlers want to take over the world and exterminate or subjugate the rest of the population.  Don’t believe us?  Watch that video again, paying careful attention to the smiles on those toddlers’ faces.

Kevin Smith Does RED STATE His Way!

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For more than a decade, the movie industry has been muttering about how the Internet, and other new technologies, will change movie distribution for ever.  But so far, that’s mainly all it’s been … muttering.   Sure there’s been Netflix streaming.  But that’s old stuff.  And there’s YouTube.  But that’s “amateur hour”.   Nothing really big has happened.  Nothing major.  No game changers.

So, finally, a filmmaker who’s been talking about this stuff has decided to put his movie where his mouth is.  That filmmaker is Kevin Smith.  And the film is Red State.  A horror film that looks unlike anything Smith has done before.   If you want to hear about exactly what he’s doing, there’s a bunch of podcasts, and a blog entry which explains it all in some detail.  And you can also watch him talk about it to the audience at Sundance below.  And if you don’t care about anything he has to say, but just wanna be part of the fun, click here.

It’s a bold move from Smith.  A bold move.

We don’t know if what he’s doing will work.  We don’t know if the film is any good.  But we applaud his efforts.  He’s hoisting his freak flag, and letting it fly!  More power to him!

Video: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in PAUL!

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Seems like Pegg and Frost have gone completely Hollywood in this new comedy.  Check out that wig Pegg is wearing!?!  Sure, some of the gags work.  But not all of them.  We never thought we’d see Simon Pegg doing a Home Alone style scream-take.

Yikes, that was painful to watch.  In short,  this is very weak tea after the wonder of “Spaced“, Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz.  Pegg has built up quite a bit of good will with audiences because of those movies.  He can get away with a movie or two like this.  But not too many.

R.I.P. Wizard Magazine!

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Wizard magazine is shutting down and the company (now public) will devote all its efforts to producing comic conventions.  This isn’t surprising.  Sales of the magazine had dropped significantly in the last decade.  (As they have for almost all print magazines in the U.S..)  While the convention business grew and grew.  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a sad day.

Wizard magazine was often maligned for its slick, cheerleader attitude to the comic book industry.  But, if you were a comic book fan in the last 20 years, you read it.  And, we bet, you really liked it. (Even if you never said it out loud.)  Whereas the last decade has been marked by podcasts and websites, the nineties was the day of Wizard.  And their glossy pages, and rah-rah coverage, were the background music of the era.

It now seems the once maligned cheer-leading has been taken up by most of online news sites.  Newarama’s low brow coverage clearly owes more to Wizard than it does to Comics Journal.  But those sites don’t offer the excitement of paging through a new copy of Wizard, on the bus or Subway, and dreaming of computer colored worlds as you speed toward the doldrums of your black and white life.  Nope, they don’t come close to that.  Not by a long shot.

R.I.P. Wizard Magazine.  You will be missed.

Photo: Mystery Paw Prints Found in Scotland

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The prints above were discovered by Nora Robertson (81) during a morning walk near her home in the Andrew Wood Court section of Edinburgh, Scotland.  Robertson claims:

It was still dark so I had my torch with me, and the light reflected off one of these large prints.  I followed the track all the way to my neighbour’s garden, which showed it had jumped up over a wall.  I’ve never seen anything like this.

Some suggest these might simply be fox tracks.  There are  a lot of foxes in the area.   And snow can increase the size of a track, suggesting it was made by a larger animal.  But many in the area firmly believe this is more evidence of the mysterious big cats that have been sighted across the British Isle with increasing frequency in the last few years.


Video: Ghost Monk in Church!

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Intriguing video of what appears to be a hooded figure sliding past the entrance to a church.  The YouTuber who posted this offers no further explanation, such as when it was shot, who shot it, etc..  The video also appears to be in black and white.

If forced to make a determination, we’d argue this video is likely a fake.  The figure slides as if it’s a static object being pulled.  It lacks the fluidity of a living being moving.  Still a fun video.


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According to the Hollywood Reporter, NBC has agreed to pick up David E. Kelly‘s adaptation of comic book superhero Wonder Woman for the pilot … at least.  The network passed on the project earlier this year, but thanks to executive reshuffling, they were now open to accept it.

David E. Kelly insists his Wonder Woman would “real complex woman and not just a superhero”.   And he’s optimistic about the series, believing that it is a good fit for NBC and could begin airing as early as next fall.


New CONAN Film Won’t Rely on CGI!

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Sean Hood, screenwriter of the new Conan film,  says the film won’t rely on action gimmicks or CGI:

the stunts, the fighting, and the visual effects were done, whenever possible, IN CAMERA.

I think that audiences are hungry for this kind of action film. In this Conan the Barbarian, people don’t flip backwards through the air in gravity defying bullet time or leap across chasms as if playing Nintendo. Swords are heavy, armor is cumbersome, and when people break bones or crack skulls, the audience winces. The action feels visceral and authentic.

That sounds very good.

He also feels the approach to 3D will be different:

The 3D elements in Conan are meant to enhance this concrete and naturalistic style. In scenes of warfare, you feel trapped between spearmen and archers. In scenes in ancient ruins you feel dizzy with vertigo. In this movie, 3D is used to enhance the effects of a barbaric world and to push the story forward. It’s more about immersing the audience in the environment than “jumping out in your face.”

All sounds good.  Either this film is being done right, or Hood just knows how to talk to Conan fans.  If the former?  Great!  If the latter?  Job done.


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