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Video: DOCTOR WHO Series 7 Teaser Trailer!

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It’s got cowboys, Egyptians and lots of flashing lights.  No, it’s not the opening of another NYC disco.  It’s the first trailer for Series 7 of “Doctor Who”!

Video: Ride a Dalek Today!

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This confirms one of our long held suspicions:  All toddlers want to take over the world and exterminate or subjugate the rest of the population.  Don’t believe us?  Watch that video again, paying careful attention to the smiles on those toddlers’ faces.

What if Disney Made “Doctor Who”?

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The people at iO9 had some fun with the idea of what the British sci-fi series  “Doctor Who” might be like if it were produced by the Walt Disney company.  They enlisted the aide of a very talented artist to play this joke out:

And here’s the Disney Daleks:

Very amusing and clever work here.  And for the reading impaired:  This is an imaginary movie.  Disney isn’t making a “Doctor Who” movie.  Disney will never make a “Doctor Who” movie.

We’d also like to do a shout out to artist who made these paintings.  Unfortunately, iO9 doesn’t give his name, only his iO9 screen name Cristoval.  But we’re sure anyone interested in contacting him can do so through that link.  We think Cristoval will land some work thanks to this bit of whimsy.

New Dalek Design!

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The Daleks returned this weekend to “Doctor Who” weekend in “Victory of the Daleks”.  This time with a complete redesign:  Larger, colorful and streamlined.  Fans seem mixed on this new take on the classic sci-fi villain.  What do you think?  Here’s some other shots of them:

New Dalek 2

One of our favorite bits of Dalekmania from this episode was the WWII era style Dalek “To Victory” poster.  Who doesn’t want this on their wall?

And click on Matt Smith’s head for the latest “Doctor Who” News:

Video: DOCTOR WHO “Victory of the Daleks” Clips!

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Three clips from the next episode of “Doctor Who” featuring everyone’s favorite pepper pots!

Matchstick Dalek!

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From the Daily Telegraph:

This full scale matchstick model of one of television’s scariest aliens is the work of Brian Croucher, 66, who spent more than two years on the task in the sitting room of his end of terrace house in Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

He finished it last month by applying the last of three coats of clear varnish to the 480,000 matches which have been cut, shaped and sanded into the 5ft 3in extraterrestrial.

“I spent an hour or maybe two on it at a day because I have a bad back and it is difficult sitting still for such a long time,” said Mr Croucher, a retired electroplater. “Besides, it can be a tedious business.”

Mr Croucher was bitten by the matchstick modelling bug 30 years ago when he watched his nephew struggling to make a model of his mother’s house. He said: “I told him it looked good but bet him that I could make a matchstick boat and finish it before he finished his house. He gave up half way through but I carried on.

For the rest of the article click here.

Rumors, Reboots and Reputations: This Week at GHOST RADIO!

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Copy of ghosts

Another thrill-packed week of news at the GHOST RADIO blog.

We considered dinosaurs that still walk the earth, UFOs that fly in formations, and monsters that might just be logs.

We saw an animal cloned, a TV show reborn and another exhibited.

There was that creature not cute enough for Disney, some creatures who need a Doctor (or maybe not), and something that made Joss Whedon say “NO!”

And, finally, a call to the talented,  a questionable haircut, and some mooning.

Not bad for a lazy week in June.

If there’s something you want us to cover let us know.  Either talk about it in the comment section or send an email to

It’s your blog just as much as it is ours.

Plus, if you need a copy of the GHOST RADIO the book this site is all about, you can order one here.

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