New CONAN Film Won’t Rely on CGI!

Sean Hood, screenwriter of the new Conan film,  says the film won’t rely on action gimmicks or CGI:

the stunts, the fighting, and the visual effects were done, whenever possible, IN CAMERA.

I think that audiences are hungry for this kind of action film. In this Conan the Barbarian, people don’t flip backwards through the air in gravity defying bullet time or leap across chasms as if playing Nintendo. Swords are heavy, armor is cumbersome, and when people break bones or crack skulls, the audience winces. The action feels visceral and authentic.

That sounds very good.

He also feels the approach to 3D will be different:

The 3D elements in Conan are meant to enhance this concrete and naturalistic style. In scenes of warfare, you feel trapped between spearmen and archers. In scenes in ancient ruins you feel dizzy with vertigo. In this movie, 3D is used to enhance the effects of a barbaric world and to push the story forward. It’s more about immersing the audience in the environment than “jumping out in your face.”

All sounds good.  Either this film is being done right, or Hood just knows how to talk to Conan fans.  If the former?  Great!  If the latter?  Job done.


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