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Kevin Smith Does RED STATE His Way!

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For more than a decade, the movie industry has been muttering about how the Internet, and other new technologies, will change movie distribution for ever.  But so far, that’s mainly all it’s been … muttering.   Sure there’s been Netflix streaming.  But that’s old stuff.  And there’s YouTube.  But that’s “amateur hour”.   Nothing really big has happened.  Nothing major.  No game changers.

So, finally, a filmmaker who’s been talking about this stuff has decided to put his movie where his mouth is.  That filmmaker is Kevin Smith.  And the film is Red State.  A horror film that looks unlike anything Smith has done before.   If you want to hear about exactly what he’s doing, there’s a bunch of podcasts, and a blog entry which explains it all in some detail.  And you can also watch him talk about it to the audience at Sundance below.  And if you don’t care about anything he has to say, but just wanna be part of the fun, click here.

It’s a bold move from Smith.  A bold move.

We don’t know if what he’s doing will work.  We don’t know if the film is any good.  But we applaud his efforts.  He’s hoisting his freak flag, and letting it fly!  More power to him!

Video: Brand New Teaser Trailer for Kevin Smith’s RED STATE!

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Indie comedy director, and podcasting maven, Kevin Smith’s first foray into horror!

Video: Kevin Smith’s Free Comic Book Day Ad!

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Today is Free Comic Book Day!  And here’s an ad for it with voiceover by Kevin Smith!

Haven’t read comics in a while?  Well, today’s your day to rectify that.  They’ve got words!  They’ve got pictures!  What’s not to love?

So stop by your local comic shop today, snag some free comics, and maybe even buy a thing or two.  Because no life is complete without a comic or two.

Comics: Preview of Kevin Smith’s GREEN HORNET!

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The first issue of Kevin Smith’s comic book version of The Green Hornet hits comic book store shelves this week.  This is adapted the from the screenplay Smith wrote for a movie about the character.  Check out this seven page preview:

Click on any of these thumbnails for a larger image.

Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet Teaser Poster: Is Typo on Purpose?

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While others are discussing Smith’s fracas with Southwest Airlines, or his new movie Cop Out, we’re more interested in this poster teasing his new “Green Hornet” comic book series.  There’s an apparent typo in this poster:  “THREE LIVE.  ONE WILL DIES.”    But knowing Smith’s sense of humor perhaps that typo is intentional.  A character named “Will Dies” perhaps?

Kevin Smith Pens New “Green Hornet” Comic!

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Indie film god, and award winning comic book writer, Kevin Smith will be writing a new “Green Hornet” comic for Dynamite Entertainment.  Here’s what Dynamite has to say about the title:

The Green Hornet is back and Dynamite is the new home for the avenging hero and his faithful sidekick, Kato (and, the Black Beauty, ‘natch!)!

And we’re kicking things off with a BANG as we launch the first of a new series of adventures starting with the great Kevin Smith. And let’s get it out of the way, right here, right NOW – THE ENTIRE STORY IS IN! Every single chapter from BEGINNING TO END!  All 10 issues to this first story arc! Joining Smith in bringing his unproduced screenplay to life is artist Jonathan (Black Terror) Lau as they present the one and only origin of the Green Hornet and Kato. This is the comic book version of Kevin Smith’s unproduced Green Hornet film and has not been seen or read ANYWHERE else!  Dynamite is the only place to get in on the action – it all begins here!  Pre-Order yours TODAY!

The last comment about entire story being in is a reference to Smith’s checkered history with getting his comic projects finished on time … or ever.

Although we’re not that keen on screenplays being turned into comics, we’re such fans of Smith that we’ll be picking this one up … in a heart beat.

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