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Patrons Faint at Screening of Horror Flick THE INCIDENT!

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We never know if we should buy these stories, but reports have come out from the Toronto film festival that several audience members fainted while watching “The Incident”.  A horror film about night-shift workers in an insane asylum during a power outage.

Why doubt it?  Well, it came upon the heels of the announcement that IFC had picked up the film to release under their IFC Midnight banner.  Why else do we doubt it?  We’ve tracked down reports like this before.  They usually end up being demonstrably unrelated to the film.  Another reason we doubt it?  We’re just cynical bastards.

Still … you’re free to judge for yourself …



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Do you dig South Korean serial killer thrillers?  This is the latest.  And looks like it’s a good one.  It begins a limited US engagement on March 4, 2011.

Kevin Smith Does RED STATE His Way!

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For more than a decade, the movie industry has been muttering about how the Internet, and other new technologies, will change movie distribution for ever.  But so far, that’s mainly all it’s been … muttering.   Sure there’s been Netflix streaming.  But that’s old stuff.  And there’s YouTube.  But that’s “amateur hour”.   Nothing really big has happened.  Nothing major.  No game changers.

So, finally, a filmmaker who’s been talking about this stuff has decided to put his movie where his mouth is.  That filmmaker is Kevin Smith.  And the film is Red State.  A horror film that looks unlike anything Smith has done before.   If you want to hear about exactly what he’s doing, there’s a bunch of podcasts, and a blog entry which explains it all in some detail.  And you can also watch him talk about it to the audience at Sundance below.  And if you don’t care about anything he has to say, but just wanna be part of the fun, click here.

It’s a bold move from Smith.  A bold move.

We don’t know if what he’s doing will work.  We don’t know if the film is any good.  But we applaud his efforts.  He’s hoisting his freak flag, and letting it fly!  More power to him!

Video: Brand New Teaser Trailer for Kevin Smith’s RED STATE!

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Indie comedy director, and podcasting maven, Kevin Smith’s first foray into horror!

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