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Unknown Explosion Rocks Indianapolis Neighborhood!

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An explosion of unknown cause, rocked through Indianapolis neighborhood.  Killing at least two people.  Destroying two homes and causing massive damage to a dozen others.  At least 200 people were evacuated to a local school.

Residents from as far as 15 miles away felt the explosion.  Claiming it shook and rattled their homes.

Press initially reported the cause of as a gas leak.  But have subsequently pulled that explanation.  And, Marc Lotter, a spokesman for the mayor’s office, said,  “No cause has been ruled out.”

Conspiracy sites have run wild with speculation, postulating a wide range of causes, including drone strikes, airline crashes, meteor impacts, and government weapons tests.

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VIDEO: UFO Spotted From Crop Circle!

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This is an excellent example of how to film a UFO.  The context for the image is shown., including a specific verifiable location.  The video is continuous until the object disappears.  And other eyewitness are interviewed immediately.  The video has also been posted on YouTube by the videographer who shot it.  On YouTube he notes:

Please note, although the length of time that you see the object is brief, before I got to my video camera to start filming it was glowing incredibly brightly. Like someone in the sky was shining a dazzlingly bright torch. It was unreal.

The object does initially appear to be a star.  But the fact that it shrinks and then disappears negates this theory.  Others suggest it’s a plane reflecting the sun.  A possible explanation but not a definitive one.


Video: UFO or TR-3B?

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This sure looks like it might be some of the first footage of the “secret” aircraft known as the TR-3B, a triangular hypersonic plane, also referred to as the “aurora”.  For other potential pictures of this craft click here or here.

Video: Wispy “Ghost” Caught on Tape!

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Here’s how the YouTube poster describes this vide0:

Amid the bright walls of this Argentinian factory comes this footage of a wispy shape. It moves before us, walking like any human shade, but so faint it could be a puff of smoke. It seems to be walking with a purpose, striding quickly, before it disappears into the sunlight. Could it be a factory worker, still coming to work each day to a routine that has carried over into the afterlife, forever wandering its old employer?

One intriguing aspect about this video is the videographer appears to attempt to follow the apparition.  However, the video is very short.  This often means that source of the strange apparition would be clear if the video ran longer.  Still, an intriguing image and one worthy of further study.

Video: UFOs Buzz Chile!

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What are these strange lights in the sky?  Aircraft?  UFOs?  You be the judge.

We know very little about this video.  We edited this clip from a longer one which contained about two minutes at the head which was of little interest.  The original poster claimed this video was from Chile and of recent vintage.  None of which we’ve been able to comfirm.

But we found the video of significant enough interest that we decided to post it, and hope our readers can help us track down more facts.

Video: Ghost Monk in Church!

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Intriguing video of what appears to be a hooded figure sliding past the entrance to a church.  The YouTuber who posted this offers no further explanation, such as when it was shot, who shot it, etc..  The video also appears to be in black and white.

If forced to make a determination, we’d argue this video is likely a fake.  The figure slides as if it’s a static object being pulled.  It lacks the fluidity of a living being moving.  Still a fun video.

Video: Argento’s DRACULA – Teaser and Interview

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Check out this new interview and teaser for Dario Argento’s Dracula:

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