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2008: Best Jack O Lantern of the Year!

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Some great Jack O Lanterns culled from around the web.

This is our favorite:

It may take a few seconds, but you’ll get it.

Here are our runners-up:

Listen to a Spooky Ghost Story!

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This is “The Hitchhiker” from a 1942 broadcast of the radio show Suspense.  You may have seen a version of this story on The Twilight Zone.  But we like this version better.  And it stars Orson Welles!

And we feel it’s very much in keeping with the style and tone of the novel Ghost Radio.

So dim the lights, hit the play button and prepare for half an hour of spine-tingling horror.

Wikipedia has a fascinating write-up on Lucille Fletcher the author of this classic radio drama.  You can read it here.

In the dusty catacombs of the Ghost Radio archives, we have many shows like this.  So if there’s a scary radio drama you’d like to hear, request it in the comments section, and we’ll try to put it on the site.

Keep checking back at the site throughout the night.  Still more Halloween goodies to come.

Firebreathing Pumpkin! Or …

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why not to leave your kids alone on Halloween:

And, we hasten to add, as they used to say on TV:  Don’t try this at home!

Feel free to talk about unwise things you’ve done on Halloween in our comments section.

We won’t tell anyone.

Treats, Tricks and National Geographic Too!

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What better way to start our Halloween festivaties than with a little history of the holiday.  From National Geographic no less.

Hmm … spookiness, National Geographic and video … that reminded us of something.  If you want to find out what it is click on the spinning Jack O Lantern.

Spinning Pumpkin Jack O Lantern Halloween Images

Keep checking back at the site.  More Halloween goodness to come!

A Special Message From GHOST RADIO!

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Now we know what all you Ghost Radio fans are going to be doing this Halloween.  You’ll be rereading Ghost Radio, listening to the audiobook, or buying boxes of the book to give out as Halloween treats.  But even if you’re not going to do these things, we still wish you all a Happy Halloween!

And, seriously, that toilet paper all over your house?  It wasn’t us.

Check back at the site throughout the day for some special Halloween treats.

And maybe a trick … or two.

Battle Royale: Psychics vs. Ghosts!

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BC Psychics’ Condo Haunted by “Malevolent” Ghosts

Lena Sin, Canwest News Service

Published: Thursday, October 30, 2008

VANCOUVER – Christophir and Crystell Regan are certain their New Westminster, B.C., condo is haunted.

“Incredibly haunted,” stresses Crystell.

The husband and wife psychics say they always expected to meet a few spirits when they moved into a condo complex a year ago, but not to the magnitude that they have.

“They started knocking on the door – pounding might be a better description – very loud,” says Crystell. “And the blinds would slam against the window. It was as if someone was very angry, like they were having a temper tantrum. Just all kinds of nasty unpleasantness.”

So given today is Halloween – the day in which the “veil between the spirit world and ‘reality’ is very thin” – the Regans have been “taking steps to purify things.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Not in the Halloween Mood Yet?

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Here’s something to get you there.  Some scary trailers for some very scary films.

This one features something rarely seen in trailers today.  Original material shot specifically for the trailer.  The egg.  An image also used in poster.  An image that is metaphor for the movie.  Classy stuff.  You can tell Ridley Scott began his career in advertising.

Who says you need tons of edits to scare people?  Kubrick does it with one shot, and some music.  A lesson to filmmakers of today.

Can anyone spot the one line in this trailer that isn’t in the movie?

Still considered the scariest movie all time by most horror movie fans.  And the trailer ain’t bad either.  And it was based on a very scary book.

Hmmm … a very scary book made into a very scary movie.  Maybe I should … no … you’ll hear more about that soon.

If you have any favorite scary trailers, talk about them in the comments section, and we’ll try to post ’em.

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