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No Summer Vacation Plans? Stay at a Haunted Hotel!

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From Professional Travel Guide via Reuters:

1. Hotel Del Coronado, Coronado, California

Kate Morgan’s body was found six days after she checked into Room 302 of the Hotel del Coronado to meet her estranged husband on Thanksgiving Day 1892. He reportedly never showed up. Kate’s untimely death was ruled a suicide. Room 302 is now known as Room 3312, but Kate’s spirit is said to roam the entire hotel.

2. Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood, California

The site of the first Academy Awards and the center of Hollywood during its heyday, The Roosevelt Hotel is said to accommodate the ghosts of Marilyn Monroe (Suite 1200) and Montgomery Clift, star of “From Here to Eternity” (Room 928). Marilyn Monroe was a frequent guest there. Her image is said to appear in a mirror now located in the lobby.

3. The Sagamore, Bolton Landing, New York

The Sagamore in Bolton Landing, New York, is said to harbor the ghost of a boy from the 1950s. The boy would collect lost golf balls and sell them to the pro shop for extra cash. Running after a ball one day, he was fatally struck by a car. Apparently, guests still see the boy on the golf course sometimes.

4. Driskill Hotel, Austin, Texas

The smell of cigar smoke can be detected when Colonel Driskill, a Texas cattle baron and Confederate officer, is said to be wandering the lavish Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas. In 1877, the daughter of a Texas senator took a fatal tumble down the grand staircase. It is said she can be heard bouncing a ball in the lobby and along the mezzanine.

5. Shieldhill Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

Guests tell stories of “The Gray Lady” who is said to haunt Shieldhill Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland. According to legend, she was the daughter of the family who owned the castle until the mid-20th century. She is said to have fallen in love with one of the hired hands. When her father disapproved of the marriage, she committed suicide.

6. Hotel Provincial, New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is renowned for its spooks and hauntings. Part of the Provincial Hotel was once a Confederate hospital. Maids have reported bloodstains mysteriously appearing and disappearing. Once, as the elevator opened on the second floor, the vision of an entire hospital apparently came into view.

7. The Marshall House, Savannah, Georgia

Used as a hospital during the Civil War and during yellow fever epidemics in the 19th century, the Marshall House in Savannah, Georgia, is reportedly one of the most haunted hotels in the city. For more ghosts, check out the famed Pirate House Restaurant with a tunnel dug by pirates that leads to the river.

8. The Heathman Hotel, Portland, Oregon

At this hotel, guests who have left their rooms clean have returned to find something amiss or moved about. Records for the hotel will have shown no one entering the room. Evidently, these occurrences are frequent, especially in rooms ending in-03.

9. The Carolina Inn, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Paranormal researchers have studied The Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, believed investigating the spirit of Dr. William Jacocks who lived at the inn for many years. Orbs, piano notes, soft-spoken words and other ghostly happenings add to the spooky ambience.


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The new film The Haunting in Connecticut is based on a “true story” which occurred at the Hallahan Funeral Home, in Southington, CT., during the 1980s.  However, a neighbor of that establishment recently refuted the story.

From My Record Journal:

Kathy Altemus moved into her home across from the then Hallahan Funeral Home on Meriden Avenue about 25 years ago and lived there during the supposed haunting. She said on Saturday that she saw the movie with her grandson, and thought for a scary movie it was not that good.

“I don’t think it had anything to do with what happened over there,” Altemus said Saturday. “There was never any entity over there.”

Altemus said many of the neighbors at the time did believe in the paranormal, but most do not believe there was any kind of supernatural entities in that home.

After the Hallahans, the building was acquired by Darrell Kern of Kern Realty, who wanted to turn the bottom of the building into a realty office. He met fierce resistance from neighbors who wanted the area to remain residential. Town officials sided with the neighbors so Kern renovated the building and rented out the two levels of the home, Altemus said.

The Snedekers moved in soon afterwards. During a neighborhood meeting, a next-door neighbor of the Snedekers asked Altemus if she could keep an eye on the area because Carmen Snedeker, the mother of the family, told his wife that the house was being haunted and it was scaring her.

Altemus began keeping a journal of everything she noticed. She said the neighbors often heard a vehicle that sounded kind of like chains were dragging on it around 3 a.m.

“We figured it was a trash truck,” Altemus said. “We were going to complain about it because we all work and need to get sleep.”

Psychic investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren were called in by the Snedekers to look into the house. Lorraine Warren said they would hear chains left over from the funeral home in the basement to lift caskets to the viewing area rattling even though no one was down there.

Then one night Altemus said she heard the noise and looked out the window to find a pickup truck slowly stop and park under trees a couple houses down from the Snedekers. People would get out and peer in the windows, make noises and knock on the windows of the Snedeker home. They would then take off pretty fast, sometimes returning later in the night, according to Altemus.

Other claims by the Warrens, such as a tree branch falling down on fire during an exorcism that was performed on the home, Altemus said are distorted. With her journal and the work of investigative author Joe Nickell, they had many alternative and logical explanations for what the Warrens said was demonic.

For instance, there used to be a big maple tree in the neighborhood that would periodically have a branch drop onto power lines without insulation, making lights flicker and power to go out.

She said there was a branch that fell down on fire, but it was a few weeks earlier and because of the power lines, not the last gasp of a demon.


However, none of this seems to turn off movie goers.  The Haunting in Connecticut was second at the box office this weekend, earning $23 million in its premeire weekend.

True Ghost Story: The Drowning Girl

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Another spooky true ghost story from  Ghost Village:

Irene – Gloucester, Massachusetts – 1989

My name is Irene, and I have been investigating the paranormal for 10 years. The reason why I got interested in the paranormal happened when I was a child. This is what happened to me.

When I was eight-years-old I was sleeping over my grandparents’ house. My Nana woke up very early and I always liked waking up with her to help her cook breakfast. She was an early bird and always woke up before the sun came out. That night I woke up and got out of bed. I looked out my window and it was still dark, sp I wasn’t sure what time it was. I opened my bedroom door and started walking down the stairs slowly because I was listening for anyone to be up. I stopped in the middle of the stairway, and when I did I heard a voice of a young girl whisper something in my right ear. I can’t remember what she said or even if I understood it or not, but I got freaked and ran up the stairs to hide under the covers.

I soon fell asleep and while I was sleeping I had this dream. I was under water and couldn’t get up. Something was pulling me down and I felt like I was drowning. I had my eyes open the whole time but all I saw was this light and water all around me. I started to breathe the water in and started choking. Then I woke up. When I woke up I was coughing because I was really holding my breath while I was dreaming. I got out of bed and stood in front of the window. It was daylight out and the sun was up. I stood there for a few seconds and then soon realized that I was standing in a puddle. I turned around and there was water falling down (kind of like a waterfall, but down the walls) there were puddles everywhere, then I realized that I was sopping wet. My hair was dripping (like I just got out of the shower). The bed was wet; there were two-inch puddles of water in the bed all around me. So I freaked out and ran down the stairs. I ran right into my cousin who was coming up the stairs to wake me for breakfast. I was crying and just grabbed his hand and took him back up to the room.

By the time we got back there about a minute later, everything was dry — the bed was dry, the sheets, and the puddles were gone — all except me. My hair was still so wet that when I finally calmed down to explain what had happened to my cousin, I actually rung out my hair. It was so strange. I thought of every possibility that I could. I thought that maybe I was sleepwalking and went into the bathroom. But that’s impossible because there is only one bathroom in the house and it’s off of the kitchen. If I went there, someone would have seen me. There are no water pipes upstairs. And it was not pee. There was too much water to be that. And it was clear, plain water. I still don’t understand it and ever since that night I have been studying the paranormal and helping other people. My cousin never slept there again and neither have I. My grandparents didn’t seem surprised when I told them what had happened. They just sort of shrugged it off. Since then both my grandparents died in the same room at different times in the house. Today I co-own the house. There have been other people living there and they also report some activity. They are moving out soon because of this. Now I can finally go back and face this, and possible try to help the girl that has drowned.


New Image From “Halloween 2”

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This is image of Michael Myers (Tyler Mane) from Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 was recently posted on Zombie’s MySpace page:


Michael Myers rocking a hoodie.  Guess even quasi-supernatural serial killers want to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

More Mysterious “Big Cat” Sightings

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Cell phone photo of a mysterious "big cat" taken in Ashbourne, England in January of this year

Cell phone photo of a mysterious "big cat" taken in Ashbourne, England in January of this year

From the Birmingham Mail:

A BIG cat may be on the prowl in Worcestershire after two men claimed to have spotted a panther-like creature while walking their dogs.

The men went to investigate but the cat got up, jumped into the undergrowth and disappeared.

The pair spotted the creature as they walked their two whippets and terrier close to the near Bromyard Road, outside Worcester.

“It was definitely a cat but not a domestic one, it was huge, it was bigger than our dogs, perhaps the size of an alsatian”, said one of the men.

“It was jet black and had a tail that was curled up.

“It looked at us, its ears pricked up and it jumped back into the undergrowth.

“It was really chunky and definitely had cat features. It was too agile and quick to be anything other than a cat.”

Bob Lawrence, director of wildlife at West Midland Safari Park, Bewdley, said: “It is possible there may be one or two of these animals around.

“But with the law of averages there would be a picture somewhere. Where is the evidence?”

It is not the first time that big cats have been spotted in Worcester and the surrounding area.

In 2006, a survey compiled by the British Big Cats Society showed there were 48 sightings in Herefordshire and Worcestershire between April 2004 and July 2005, making the county a hotspot for mystery sightings.


Video: UFO Over California

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From UFO Casebook:

Published: 8:41 AM 3/27/2009

My sister and my friend recorded this object while driving one night using a cell phone camera. The object was unrecognizable due to it size and brightness. When they brought home the video they showed it to me, one other friend, and my parents.

At first we assumed it was a blimp, but we thought it was unusual for a blimp to be entirely lit up, (instead of just the screen being lit up) with no logos or ads on it. The object flies in a straight line at first but at 1:04 in the video, it changes directions, from flying southeast to directly east with no hesitation.

After this occurs, the object isn’t visible for a brief while because it disappears behind a tree line. At 2:30 the object reappears at a distance, having traveled at a faster rate of speed than before.The video ends due to the ladies having to make a left turn away from the object, heading home.

The two young ladies were ecstatic over what they had seen, while everyone else was in disbelief and offering suggestions as to what it may be. My sister also added that with the naked eye, you could make out the top or dome above the light (like the dome on top of a flying saucer).

After more people viewed the video, we narrowed down the object to two possibilities:

1 – Some sort of non-advertisement (or maybe weather) blimp that’s UNNECESSARILY bright.

2 – A UFO.

Not knowing what else to do we posted this video on youtube (titled “UFO? walnut 2009”) asking people their thoughts on the subject. A few days later, another youtube user claims to have seen the object later on that night. They claim to have seen the object turn from a white glow to red glow… while rotating.

Whether this claim is true or not we do not know. On a side note, I received another comment on my video by a person living one city east of my hometown. In the daytime they recorded (on an actual video camera, March 23, ’09) an object either reflecting the sunlight or making its own light.

This object is moving erratically within the same parameters over open land, seemingly “skipping” like watching an old VHS tape. I just thought I would include this part being as the locations of the two videos are approximately within 15 miles from each other. Any response debunking or accepting this video would be much appreciated.


Photo: Experts Baffled by Tantallon Castle Ghost Photo!

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From The Sun:

An eerie image of a figure at a Scottish castle has got ghost experts spooked. The scary shot was unearthed during the biggest ever investigation into photographic evidence of ghosts.

The picture, taken in May last year, shows a spectral figure in fifteenth century dress peering out of a barred window at Tantallon Castle in Fife.

No mannequins or costumed guides are used at the castle and photo experts have confirmed that no digital trickery was used.

Even ghost skeptic Professor Richard Wiseman admitted to being puzzled.

“It is certainly very curious,” he said. “We ran it by three photographic experts and they said it hadn’t been Photoshopped at all.”

“The figure appears to be in period costume, but we know 100 per cent that Tantallon Castle is not the sort of place that has dummies or costumed guides; they just don’t go in for that sort of thing.”



Check out our update to this story (FEATURING A SECOND GHOST PHOTO FROM TANTALLON CASTLE!) here.

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