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Last year we shared the famous “Shickshinny Photo“.  It received such an overwhelming positive response that we’ve spent the last year searching for similar photos. Today we offer the fruits of those labors.  This is the proof children and adults have long awaited.  Real proof Santa Claus exists!

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Art Bell’s Bizarre Email to SiriusXM!

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A little over two weeks after leaving his show “Dark Matter” on SiriusXM satellite radio, Art Bell has confirmed (on that the company plans on enforcing the non compete clause in his contract.  If not challenged and overturned this will prevent Art Bell from appearing on radio for two years.

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The reformed Hammer Studios has announced they will be remaking their 1957 classic The Abominable Snowman. It will be produced by Ben Holden (The Quiet Ones) and penned by Matthew Read (Pusher) and Jon Croker (Angel of Death). Hammer has released no details on the remake other than that it will offer a “contemporary take” on the original.

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Art Bell Quits … Again!

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After only six weeks on the air, radio talk show host Art Bell’s new show for SiriusXM has abruptly ended its run.  The reason?  Here’s what he had to say:

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Art Bell Returns to Radio!

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Art Bell, master of paranormal radio, will be returning to the airwaves on September 16, 2013. The new show will be called “Art Bell’s Dark Matter” and will be broadcast on Sirius XM satellite radio.

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Brand New Bigfoot Video!

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Check out an exciting new video of Bigfoot after the jump …

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Video: New Bigfoot Footage!

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After the jump we offer the most interesting Bigfoot footage in years!

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Major University Study of Yeti Announced!

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Oxford University and Switzerland’s Lausanne Museum of Zoology have a joint study of alleged remains or samples of Yeti and bigfoot.   They will use the latest advances in genetic analysis.

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EXCLUSIVE: Real LIfe Dinosaur Sighting!

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Ever dreamed of seeing a dinosaur in the flesh?  Some people claim dinosaurs still live in remote regions of the world.  The following is a story that came from one of our readers,  Weldon Abbot, M.D., about a frightening encounter he had with a young T-Rex many years ago:

I once saw a living dinosaur in the Kalahari Desert just a few miles north of Windhoek in 1949. I was in Cape Town South Africa when I saw in the newspaper that there was an epidemic of bubonic plague in Windhoek.

Read the rest of this exciting story after the jump …

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Pictish Beast Discovered!

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The Picts, a late Iron Age culture in Scotland, have fascinated historians and laymen for generations.  Because they kept no written records, little is know about the Picts.  But they’ve been the subject of much conjecture.   And the recent find of a stone relief will only ad to this.  This image (above) shows what has been described as a “beast” with several symbols around.  But Pictish iconography is such a mystery the actually meaning of the images remains unclear.

It’s also unclear why the stone image remained unrecorded until now.  How it survived in such excellent condition for so long.  And where it originally was made.  In short, Pictish research grants here we come!  But, seriously, it is a fascinating addition to existing evidence of this mysterious culture.


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