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Last year we shared the famous “Shickshinny Photo“.  It received such an overwhelming positive response that we’ve spent the last year searching for similar photos. Today we offer the fruits of those labors.  This is the proof children and adults have long awaited.  Real proof Santa Claus exists!

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AUDIO: The Whistler – “Delayed Christmas Present”!

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A mysterious story about murder, secrets and a …

“Delayed Christmas Present” originally aired on “The Whistler” on December 26, 1948.

Photo: Proof that Santa is Real!

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This photo,  taken by local pharmacist Hiram Baxter, shows Santa’s sleigh with its characteristic glitter trail, flying over Shickshinny, Pennsylvania on Christmas Eve, 1955.  As if you needed any more evidence.


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Before the paperback book.  Before comics.   There were the Pulps.   They were named for the cheap pulpwood paper on which they were printed.  But they were famous for their exciting, often lurid covers.  The covers really sold these magazine.  So, like many other mags, when Christmas rolled around, they’d attach a Christmas theme to these covers.  But, being pulps, it never was quote as simple as that.

See some great examples after the jump.

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Christmas Audio: THE CINNAMON BEAR – Episodes 21 and 22!

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The big guy appears today.  Who’s the big guy?  Hint:  His belly shakes when he laughs like a bowl full of jelly.

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Audio: The Shadow Christmas Story

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Here’s the classic Old time radio Christmas tale “Joey’s Christmas Story” from The Shadow!  Fine yuletide entertainment.  Pour yourself a cup of cheer, turn down the lights, and enjoy!

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