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Brand New Bigfoot Video!

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Check out an exciting new video of Bigfoot after the jump …

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Video: New Bigfoot Footage!

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After the jump we offer the most interesting Bigfoot footage in years!

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Bigfoot Movie Book on the Way!

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According to Cryptomundo, Macfarland books is publishing a new book entitled The Bigfoot Filmography: Fictional and Documentary Appearances in Film and Television. The author Dave Coleman offered this statement:

I’m truly thrilled that after literally years of work, The Bigfoot Filmography will be available for the Bigfoot Cinema fans like myself, many of whom equally feel they’ve been “in hiding” as much as any cryptid for their dedication to a what is still (until publication date!) a misunderstood cinema genre. More info as it becomes available, of course!

The book will be released next fall!

Mysterious Big Cat Sightings in Derbyshire!

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The new year marks the return of one of our favorite cryptids … the mysterious black cats.  In the last week, there have been three sightings of the panther-like creatures in Derbershire, UK.

The most interesting sighting was by a Sheila Noble an 83 year-old pensioner.   She observed the creature in her backyard, and watched it jump an 18 foot fence.   She further went on to say:

It was about 18 inches from the floor to the top of its head and it had the biggest yellow eyes I have ever seen ….

Yellow eyes … spooky …

We have a lot of cats in this area but this was about four times bigger. It was eating the bird food I had left on the floor. We haven’t had many birds around lately and now I know why.

Ms. Noble also observed the creature the following day, stating:

I have seen pictures before of big cats and I thought it must definitely be one. It was lovely to look at with the most beautiful coat … I will be looking out for it now and I will be taking a photograph if I see it again.

In addition to Ms. Noble others who reported on big cats in the area were:  Kim Williams (50) who saw a big cat exiting a hedge and crossing a local street.  And an unnamed man who found a big cat print while walking his dog.


First Published Article on Irish Lake Monsters!

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Cryptozoology Online feels they may have found the first printed reference to Irish lake monsters.  The article was published in the Sydney Morning Herald on March, 21 1848.  It describes several eyewitness accounts of mysterious creatures in an unnamed lake near Connemara.  The descriptions themselves are quite interesting:

… they were followed, or rather accompanied, by some mysterious body, which was moving through the water close to their boat, and in a direction parallel to their course.  This body, whatever it was , seemed to be endowed with life, and to possess the power of voluntary motion, and presented the appearance of a huge bulk of timber moving the water.  Neither he nor his companions were enabled to perceive anything resembling a head, or to ascertain what means of locomotion it possessed …

He’s another account from the same witness ten years later:

… it presented the appearance of  three boats turned upside down, with intervals between them; that nothing like a head could be distinguished, but that part which was visible was at least … 90 feet in length.

Great accounts.  And we dig the newspaper writing of that era.

Facsimile of the article after the jump.

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