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The reformed Hammer Studios has announced they will be remaking their 1957 classic The Abominable Snowman. It will be produced by Ben Holden (The Quiet Ones) and penned by Matthew Read (Pusher) and Jon Croker (Angel of Death). Hammer has released no details on the remake other than that it will offer a “contemporary take” on the original.

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This clip from the Blu-Ray of season three of  “Game of Thrones”, gives us a behind the scenes look at the infamous red wedding!

VIDEO: First PROPER “Day of the Doctor” Trailer!

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Lavish.  And should have “Doctor Who” fans do a frame-by-frame analysis.  Have you started yet?


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Star Trek Into Darkness bluray UK

In an effort to please retail partners, Paramount has made many standard DVD and Blu-Ray extras only available through specific outlets, leaving the standard commercial blu-ray with a paltry seven EPK style featurettes.  No commentary, no deleted scenes, no trailers, and so on.

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Labor Day DVD and Blu-Ray Sale (40% Off)!

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If you’re a fan of rare and obscure genre movies, you probably already know about VCI.   They make available a wide variety of rare titles on DVD and Blu-Ray with the best transfers they can muster.  And many of their titles are only available through their website. And they really do have great stuff.  Cult movies, classic serials,  crime and detective, b-westerns, obscure British films, science fiction, martial arts, UFO/paranormal and much, much more!

One problem:  They can be a bit pricey.  But for a few days that problem is solved.  Because they’re having a 40% off sale from now until September 6th in honor of Labor Day!  Yup, you read that right:  40% off!   To participate all you have to do is enter the coupon code “laborday40”.  Obviously without the quote marks.

To get start shopping now, visit the site here.  You’ll be glad you did.

ROCKETEER Comes to Blu-Ray!

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Fans of Disney’s live action version of Dave Stevens’ comic book classic Rocketeer rejoice!  This film which never had a high quality DVD in the United States.  No extras and not even 16:9 enhanced.  But now it’s getting a new release!  On Blu-Ray.  Although we don’t yet know the extras, the release already available for pre-order on Amazon is dubbed the 20th Anniversary Edition.  So we expect some kind of extras.  This edition hits shelves on December 13, 2011.

GODZILLA (1954) to Get Criterion DVD/Blu-Ray Release!

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Hints have been bouncing around the ‘net for some time about Criterion giving the original Godzilla a deluxe, proper DVD and Blu-Ray transfer.  But many poo-pooed them.  Claiming it wasn’t the type of thing Criterion did.  Or other lame dismissals.  Then a mysterious photo (above) of a film can with Japanese writing appeared on the Criterion Facebook page.  The writing translates:   “Dupe Posi(tive): GODZILLA. Reel 2 of 10 Reels. Toho Company, Ltd.”!

For those who understand the Criterion mindset.  This can only mean one thing:  Criterion is indeed doing a DVD/Blu-Ray release.  But it won’t be utilizing some old transfer.   They will be doing a new transfer from the interpositive elements!   This is nothing but good news.  Especially for those who were disappointed with previous Blu-Ray releases.  We know that Criterion, as is there wont, will do this right!  Although there isn’t an official announcement yet, we feel totally confident in saying this release will happen!

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