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Brand New Bigfoot Video!

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Check out an exciting new video of Bigfoot after the jump …

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Video: New Bigfoot Footage!

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After the jump we offer the most interesting Bigfoot footage in years!

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Bigfoot Footprint Found in Illinois!

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The footprint above measures 18 inches long.  It was reported to the Chatham,  Illinois police by local resident Michael Patrick.   The print had been discovered by crewmen who were replacing a pool liner on his mother’s property.   The night before strange animal noises had been heard in the area that had spooked a neighbor’s German Shepherd.  As yet there is no explanation for the unusually large footprint.  Nor  for a series of five “claw marks” found nearby.


Bigfoot Movie Book on the Way!

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According to Cryptomundo, Macfarland books is publishing a new book entitled The Bigfoot Filmography: Fictional and Documentary Appearances in Film and Television. The author Dave Coleman offered this statement:

I’m truly thrilled that after literally years of work, The Bigfoot Filmography will be available for the Bigfoot Cinema fans like myself, many of whom equally feel they’ve been “in hiding” as much as any cryptid for their dedication to a what is still (until publication date!) a misunderstood cinema genre. More info as it becomes available, of course!

The book will be released next fall!

“Skunk Ape” Sightings!

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The Valdosta Times recently shared with their readers some eyewitness reports of “The Skunk Ape”.   A hairy humanoid creature which reportedly gives off a powerful smell.   It is similar to bigfoot, but smaller, and sightings of the creature mostly occur in the Southeastern United States.

The first story comes from a woman identified only as  “Joy”:

Outside of Ray City, she had her car’s bright lights on and she saw something hairy, walking away from the road, into the woods.

“I saw the back of something,” Joy says. “It was tall. … I thought it was a bear but a bear don’t walk on its back legs. … Honestly, it looked like an ape.”

Joy said her husband’s about six feet tall and she gauged what she saw to be about the same height as her husband. She didn’t smell anything driving by the creature.

The other report came from a Brooks County man who had the following bizarre sighting while sitting on his back porch:

He first thought it a deer but saw that it had no hind quarters. He then thought it “an idiot in a ghillie suit,” a type of camouflage clothing covered in loose strips of cloth or twine designed to look like foliage.

But even then he thought something wasn’t right.

He went inside his house and got a pair of binoculars. He saw a hairy humanoid, with the hair being red, fading to brown and grey. The creature was lean and at least over six-feet tall. The creature was probably about 500 yards away, too far away to smell, he said.

He watched the creature for about eight minutes through the binoculars. During that time, the creature leaned on one arm against a tree, looking around. It scratched its left calf with its right foot. Then it ran away.

For more details on these sightings click here.

Video: Yeti Appears in TV Commercial

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It seems we’re seeing more and more references to bigfoot and the yeti in popular culture.  As evidenced by the humorous use of the Yeti in this ad for the restaurant chain “Red Robin”:

Put a Bigfoot on your Wrist!

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Bigfoot ties, t-shirts, bumper stickers not enough for you?  Now you can show your love of the hairy cryptid with this novelty time piece:

Pretty cool.  And we love the name.  You can order your own here.

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