Last year we shared the famous “Shickshinny Photo“.  It received such an overwhelming positive response that we’ve spent the last year searching for similar photos. Today we offer the fruits of those labors.  This is the proof children and adults have long awaited.  Real proof Santa Claus exists!

santa uk 2

On Christmas eve 1946, a young police officer named Hugh Wilson was working in Whitehall, London.  An avid amateur photograph, he decided to spend a break experimenting with some night photography techniques he’d been working on.  After snapping several photographs, he heard a jingling in the sky.  He looked up and snapped the picture above.  Experts have studied this photo, but have no explanation for the sleigh-like structure in the middle of the frame.  Wilson maintained that the photo was authentic till his death in 1982.


Christmas Eve, 1957, in East Lansing, Michigan, William “Billy” Paterson wasn’t thinking much about Christmas.  He had another problem.  Racoons!  They had been overturning his garbage cans, and getting into his attic.  Despite constant requests, his landlord would do nothing.  He needed evidence.  So late that night when he heard sounds on his roof, he took an Instamatic camera with a flash attachment and climbed onto the roof.

“I heard the sounds but didn’t really see anything,” Paterson recalled in 1970 article in Amaze Magazine.  “But I decided to take some pictures anyway, hoping the flash would illuminate something I couldn’t see.  Boy, did it ever!”

When Mr. Paterson got the photos developed, he found no photos of racoons.  But he did find the strange photo above.  Many looking at the photo believe all he captured was some smoke blown from the nearby chimney.  But Mr Wilson has quite a different view of things.

“It’s Santa pure and simple,” he said.  “You can the see the pack on his shoulder, his hat, and if you look very closely, you can see he’s got one finger beside his nose.  Just like in that poem.”

He also has an explanation as to why he didn’t see the figure when he was on the roof.

“Well, that’s easy.  To get to all the houses in one night, Santa must movie very fast.  And though I couldn’t see him, the camera could.”

And so can we, Mr. Paterson.  So can we.

new santa snap tree3

On Christmas Eve 1973, Whitley Meier wanted to load his camera with a new 36 exposure roll.  So he would be sure to capture all the his children’s reaction the following morning.  But his camera already had a roll of film in it, and it had a few pictures left.  So he went outside to finish off the roll.  He was snapping pictures randomly, when he saw something shoot across the sky, and snapped this picture.

“I think you can clearly see the reindeer,” he told reporters at the time.  “And if you look closely, you can see the sleigh and just make out Santa.

We’re not sure about all that.  But it’s definitely something unusual.

santa smoke

On Christmas Eve 1981, twelve-year-old Robert “Bud” Mack, went downstairs after his parents had gone to bed.  He hoped to not only see Santa.  But capture evidence for himself.  He was using a camera with a zoom lens.

He claims that around three in the morning, he saw some blurry movement around the fireplace.  He zoomed in on it.  And snapped the picture above.

It may just be smoke.  Or a trick of the light.  But there’s the unmistakable suggestion of Santa’s face surrounded by a wreath of smoke.


Here’s a video of these photos with close-ups and musical accompaniment.

If you have any photos of Santa send them along.  We’re always looking to add to our collection.


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  2. Santa is real I believe in Santa I’m only eight years of age

  3. Santa is definitely real. You just don’t see him because you have to believe truly, not just because of proof.

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