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Brand New Bigfoot Video!

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Check out an exciting new video of Bigfoot after the jump …

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Phobias come in all shapes and varieties.  Some are scared of heights.  Others confined spaces.  And some are even afraid of dogs.  Even a …

“Lost Dog” originally aired on “CBS Radio Mystery Theater” on January 9, 1974.   It stars Kim Hunter and a very young Mandy Patinkin.  This was only the fourth episode of the series to air.

“500 Year-Old Vampire” Attacks Woman!

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Lyle Monroe Bensley, a 19 year-old resident of Galveston, Texas, was arrested last Saturday after alledgedly breaking into a young woman’s home.   According to reports, he hissed and screeched at the woman, then attempted to bite her neck.  The young woman called police after he fled, clambering over several fences and yelling that “didn’t want to have to feed on humans”.  When apprehended, he told police he was a 500 year-old vampire, and that they should restrain him because he needed to feed.

He’s currently in county lock-up for attempted assault and burglary.   And apparently he was at least initially restrained for his own safety.


Mysterious Lights Over El Paso!

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Local news report on the mysterious lights seen over El Paso.  These look like they have some natural explanation.  Possibly flares.  Still … interesting footage.  And we thought our readers would be interested.

Do you have an explanation for these strange lights?  Share it in our comments section below.

Video: Chupacabra Sighting!

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Buzz Log – Chupacabra Sighting Times Two – …, posted with vodpod

UFOs Spotted Near Military Base

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From the Examiner:

Witnesses are reporting UFO activity near U.S. military bases in Arizona and Texas this week. The Texas incident lit up both the sky and the ground as a glowing light moved toward the ground. Fighter jets were reported to have chased “two intense red lights” in Arizona.

In a neighborhood bordering Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, witnesses saw a bright white object light up the sky and yard where they were standing in the early morning hours of Feb. 22.

“I noticed that this light had a somewhat definite geometric shape,” one witness said. “It was square with pointed corners. The edges of the square were slightly concave, just a slight bend which didn’t make it look like a traditional square.”

The glowing and silent object, he said, was spinning as it moved toward the ground, and seemed to reach the rooftop levels of nearby structures.

In a second case on Feb. 23 near Luke Air Force Base in Arizona, a witness described two pulsating, bright lights that were stationary in the sky. After five minutes, one of the lights went out and was replaced by four or five new lights. As five “fighter jets” moved toward the lights, the lights “blinked off.” The witness said that the jets seemed to be chasing the light.

Following is the unedited account of the Texas incident from the Mutual UFO Network database. The unedited Arizona account follows.

Texas Capitol: Teaming with Ghosts!

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Host to ghosts: Texas capital home to LBJ, others

by April Castro, AP

Oct. 26, 2008, 8:58AM

AUSTIN — Politics can be plenty spooky, especially this time of year. But in Texas, some politicians have a way of sticking around way past Election Day.

Some say Sam Houston, the Texas hero who famously gave up his job as governor rather than join the Confederacy, still roams his old home, pacing nervously. Others have seen the ghost of Lyndon Johnson watching election night returns in the mezzanine of the storied Driskill Hotel, or Susanna Wilkerson Dickinson, an Alamo survivor, standing near a posh new hotel on Fourth Street.

“That is one haunted city,” said Fiona Broome, a psychic, ghost hunter and author who wrote “The Ghosts of Austin, Texas.” The state capitol is a particular hot spot, she said.

Read the rest of the article here.

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