EXCLUSIVE: Real LIfe Dinosaur Sighting!

Ever dreamed of seeing a dinosaur in the flesh?  Some people claim dinosaurs still live in remote regions of the world.  The following is a story that came from one of our readers,  Weldon Abbot, M.D., about a frightening encounter he had with a young T-Rex many years ago:

I once saw a living dinosaur in the Kalahari Desert just a few miles north of Windhoek in 1949. I was in Cape Town South Africa when I saw in the newspaper that there was an epidemic of bubonic plague in Windhoek.

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I am a physician and since I had never seen a case of bubonic plague, I took the next plane from Cape Town to Windhoek, I went and met the English physician there who had remained there after the war and who had the cases of bubonic plague in a makeshift hospital there.

Here’s a map of the area for those of a geographic state of mind.

You can see the city that Dr. Weddon is referring to at the center of the map.  Now back to the story:

When I landed in Windhoek it was raining and the locals told me that it was the first time it had rained in seven years. The day after I went to see the cases of bubonic plague I decided to take a hike out into the Kalahari Desert. I hiked for an hour or two north of the small town and while walking in a dry stream bed there suddenly came around a bend in the dry bed  and, about40 yards ahead of me,  stood a dinosaur that looked like a small tyrannosaurus rex.  Same body configuration, shape, rough skin and color. Its mouth was closed so I did not see any teeth. It was about my eighth, about 5′ 8″, I would judge since eye levels were about the same.

Dr. Abbot  may not be aware of this, but modern paleontologists suggest that the tyrannosaurus rex was at least this small or smaller well into adolescence.  Unlike modern mammals, they didn’t see slow growth over many years, but had a massive growth spurt just prior to adulthood.  For more on this theory, click here.  But now back to our exciting story:

Shocked and surprised, we both froze.   Our eyes fixed on each other.  This must have lasted about 5 seconds.  Then the dinosaur turned and took off up the wade in the direction from which it had come. I went on up to the bend in the dry stream bed and then watched the dinosaur running  for 200 yards and then it turned to the left and disappeared. The locals that I spoke with when I got back to Windhoek had never heard of such a thing around there. The next day I boarded a plane back to Cape Town and did not say anything more to anyone about the incident because the few people that I mentioned it to found the story hard to believe, which is understandable but it remains a true story, nevertheless.

It’s a wonderful story.  And we’re so glad Dr. Abbot  shared it with us.

11 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Real LIfe Dinosaur Sighting!”

  1. Manuel salas Says:

    About 3 yrs ago coming back from vacation with family from Colorado, I saw a small Dino. We were traveling east on hwy 70 almost to Colby,Kansas. It was about 3pm, perfect clear sunny day. I we were in a infinity SUV on the outside lane, on the right. There was a dead animal of some sort on the yellow line on side of road. As I got closer I saw a small, about 15 inch Dino feeding off the dead animal. As it ran off it stretched its neck, it was a grey/brown type of color. Small head, fairly long tail. It ran the way a road runner runs. Of coarse my wife was looking down reading a tabloid magazine so I’m the only crazy one.. Lol I have thought about it a lot and tried in my mind to make an explanation for it but I can’t. I know what I saw and that bugs me. I swear this is a true story and I would be willing to go under hypnosis and take a lie-detector test just to prove to myself I’m not crazy. Well that’s my story thanks for reading

  2. Manuel salas Says:

    No it didn’t look like any lizard I have ever seen, I love watching nature shows about all kinds of animals and wild life. I have perfect 20/20 vision and what I saw looked like the little Dino’s in land of the lost with will Ferrell. When the ice cream truck fell out of the sky and the little Dino’s were running around looking for food. I know this sounds like a made up story and just totally ridiculous but I swear by my own life it’s what I saw! I know I’m better off telling people I was abducted by aliens. Lol

  3. Manuel salas Says:

    And when I say about 15 inches, I mean in height. And about 20-25 inches in length. I found an old video on you tube in black and white of some small Dino’s running. Looked just like that.

  4. Too right.Its a wounderfull story.I hope the creature ostensibly still alive or had had decendents .If providence has seen fit to allow the survivors of this mighty race to prosper then it can only be enriching for life on earth.

  5. There is speculation among paranormal researchers and theoretical physicists that parallel universes may occasionally “overlap” each other, such that spacetime from two different universes “bleed” into each other at given temporal and geographic locations. This, they reason, may explain ghost sightings (the “ghosts” that people see are not “spirits of the dead” so much as they are the same person that is still alive in another universe, in which we have glimpsed a fragment of their manifestation in our world), and sightings of cryptozoological creatures such as weird (e.g. sasquatch; mothman) or anachronistic (e.g. dinosaurs) animals. This multiverse theory of inter-universe bleeding may also explain strange disappearances of airplanes, ships, individual humans, etc. (I’m sure it’s old news, but the sensational disappearance of the Malaysian passenger plane we have going on right now may have been another instance of an object in our world accidentally traversing into a portal into another universe. No wreckage from the plane has yet been found, and no distress signals were given before the aircraft vanished from radar. This is in keeping with the alleged “portal” of the Bermuda Triangle.)

    • we have to hold fire on the plane disappearance but yeah i think this is a plausible scenario.I heard a story years ago about somewhere in UK,some Roman legionary “ghosts”were reported at same site on a annual basis.This came to the attention of a professor who camped out on that night to witness the phenomena himself.No trace of him except his camp site was ever found.I always believed he went with the Roman s to join their legions.

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