Major University Study of Yeti Announced!

Oxford University and Switzerland’s Lausanne Museum of Zoology have a joint study of alleged remains or samples of Yeti and bigfoot.   They will use the latest advances in genetic analysis.

“There have been DNA tests done on alleged yetis and other such things but since then the testing techniques, particularly on hair, have improved a lot due to advances in forensic science” stated Oxford’s Bryan Sykes.  He went on to say that although many previous studies have revealed such samples to be human that could be the result of contamination.

This is the first systematic study of this type ever conducted by such major institutions.  And although Sykes isn’t optimistic about finding any conclusive evidence of bigfoot or yeti, he ads “if we don’t examine we don’t know”.  A refreshing attitude from the scientific community which is usually dismissive of such phenomena.


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