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“Dirty T-Shirt” Raves about “Little Spirit”

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Another rave for “Little Spirit” from a Mommy Blog.  This time it’s one called “The Dirty T-Shirt“.  Here’s what they had to say:

My daughters both loved this DVD and the story it told. While not the typical type of cartoons they are used to watching they both sat still, which is a feat in itself with my toddler and watched the movie from start to finish. My toddler even clapped when it was over and immediately asked for it to be put on again. We really enjoyed this movie and it was a nice surprise and a great way to spend family time together. We recommend it to everyone, especially for the upcoming holiday season!

This has been a common reaction to the special.  Kids seem to really love it!

“Trendy Tykes” Raves about “Little Spirit”!

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Another review of “Little Spirit: Christmas in New York” from the blog “My Trendy Tykes Reviews“, saying:  “It’s one of those NICE & FEEL GOOD types of movies!”

This site also offered a giveaway of the DVD, but unfortunately the period for entering is over.

Mommy Blog Raves about “Little Spirit”!

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The Blog “Moms Without Blogs” has this to say about the DVD of Leopoldo Gout’s TV special “Little Spirit:  Christmas in New York”:

This DVD captured our attention from the beginning. Since we live in California, our kids have only heard about New York City and were fascinated with the sights, sounds and details of the city included in this animated holiday tale. Did I mention the animation was amazing?

This holiday tale comes to life when a Little Spirit helps a young boy on his journey to find his lost dog, but ends up finding the spirit of Christmas along the way. My kids were belly laughing at parts and in the end we were all smiling. This is a heart-warming holiday story and a great way to spend a cozy evening with your whole family.

Thanks a lot for these kind words!

Win a Copy of “Little Spirit” on DVD!

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Leopoldo Gout’s TV special “Little Spirit: Christmas in New York”  is on DVD, and now the blog “Plus Size Mom” offers you a chance to win a copy.  Click here to find out how!

And if you’re not aware of this movie, we have a number of stories about it right here on this blog.  Just click here to read them.

Animation Magazine Talks with Leopoldo Gout about “Little Spirit”

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Director Talks  “Little Spirit”


By Ryan Bell;  December 10, 2008

A pet project that started off as an independent short film is now an animated primetime network holiday special airing Wednesday, Dec. 10 at 8 p.m. on NBC. We chatted with writer/director/producer/animator Leopoldo Gout to learn a bit about the making of Little Spirit: Christmas in New York, his love letter to the Big Apple featuring the voices of Danny Devito, Lucy Liu, Freddy Rodriguez, Brian Williams and Brenda Song. Animation was produced at Curious Pictures (Little Einsteins, Codename: Kids Next Door), of which Gout is a partner.

DeVito is heard as a wisecracking cab driver who picks up two grouchy teens and tries to fill them with the holiday spirit by telling them the story of boy who reluctantly moved to New York City with his parents. As young Leo tries to get along in his new surroundings, his small dog, Ramona, gets lost in the big city and has a series of misadventures involving flocks of pigeons and packs of squirrels. When he realizes his pet is missing, Leo is visited by a little, yellow spirit who helps him find Ramona and realize that New York can be a magical place to be during the holiday.

Gout, who says he came to the U.S. from Mexico City with nothing but a few paint brushes, tells us he was feeling a lot of positive energy in New York and wanted to capture the spirit of the city in a heartwarming tale for his son. “Coming from Mexico, I still see snow through the eyes of a child—it’s still magical to me,” he says. “Walking through the city in the winter, I wondered why nobody had made an animated holiday special that takes place here.”

To authentically capture the essence of New York City and make it a character in the story, shot a lot of photos and video on the city streets. Accompanied by music and original songs by Grammy- and Tony-award winning composer Duncan Sheik, the rich backgrounds are remarkable considering the special was made under tight time and budgetary constraints.

Read the rest of the article here.

Common Sense Media Reviews “Little Spirit”

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Here’s some of what they say:

It’s rare to find a holiday special that entertains both kids and their parents, but Little Spirit fits the bill: It’s full of holiday cheer and joy that the whole family will love. Viewers will be drawn in to the story by the endearing characters, whose need for a little holiday magic comes from relatable, real-world issues like uncertainty over a major life change or worries about parents’ troubled relationship.

Read the rest of their comments here.

Danny Devito’s Christmas Gift

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Danny Devito gets into the Christmas “Spirit”


By Rick Bentley, McClatchy Newspapers, December 8, 2008

Apparently, celebrities are just like everyone else when it comes to holiday shopping. They have the same trouble coming up with the right gifts.

At least that’s what Danny DeVito says.

The star of television and film figured out a way to get around the holiday gift-buying problem this year. He agreed to be part of the NBC animated special “Little Spirit: Christmas in New York.”

DeVito joins Lucy Liu, Freddy Rodriguez, Brian Williams and Brenda Song as the voice talents for the holiday show.

DeVito says during a telephone interview that his shopping habit has always been to get the gifts last for the person who means the most to him. So when co-director and story creator Leopoldo Gout contacted him about being part of a holiday television special, he knew he had found the right present.

“I immediately responded. My children are grown. They’re in their 20s now. But I do have an extended family of young kids. This is a Christmas present to them,” DeVito says.

Read the rest of the article here.

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