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DC Relaunch Begins Today!

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Yup, the much ballyhooed DC relaunch begins today.    So this afternoon, head to your comics store, or get the first issue online or via your Comixology iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 app.  As the ad above proclaims, Justice League #1 will be available online this afternoon at two o’clock.

We are still not sure of what we think about the relaunch.  But we’re firmly behind the day-and-date digital release of the comics.

Video: More Changes to Original STAR WARS TRILOGY!

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The veracity of these clips remains in doubt.  But the fan reaction isn’t.  Once again they’re “up in arms”.  Once again Lucas has “raped their childhood”.  Once again they’re spoiling for a fight.  Looking for blood.  On the rampage.  And any other cliché of anger and outrage that comes to mind.

Do you join in this chorus of indignation?  Or are you more accepting?  Let us know in the comments section.

Frankly, the predictability of Star Wars fan reaction has begun to grate.  It’s become so knee-jerk that it borders on silliness.  And maybe “borders on” is too charitable a term.   But, again, whichever side of the debate you fall, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.  Fire away!  Get worked up!  Vent!

Audio: Lux Radio Theater — “The Thin Man”

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With a remake of “The Thin Man” in the news, we thought the time was ripe to share this little gem from our archives:  The Lux Radio Theater’s adaptation of “The Thin Man” with William Powell and Myrna Loy.

This was a special phenomena of old time radio.  Lux would offer condensed versions of hit movies, sometimes when they were still playing in theaters, with as much of the original cast as they could gather.  It was like radio’s version of the network tv premiere.  And who do we have to thank for this genius idea?  Cecil B. Demille and Lux soap.

So just say, “Ready when you are, C.B!”  Hit play.  And enjoy the show!

Video: UFOs Over Denver (August, 2011)

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August always brings out a lot of UFO videos.  People are outside.  Off work.  Got cameras nearby.   We watch a lot of these videos.  We post very few.  Because most are easily explainable.  They’re the usual things:  Planes, planets,  stars and satellites.

But this video can’t be so readily dismissed.  We’re open to explanations.  But we don’t have a fast and facile one.

Pathe Snatches Coppola’s TWIXT!

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According to Variety, French studio Pathe will be handling international sales and distribution on Coppola’s upcoming thriller Twixt.  This is the same film which will have roadshow engagements stateside with the audience deciding how the film’s nonlinear narrative should proceed.  Sorta Alain Resnais meets William Castle.

Johnny Depp Gets “Thin”!

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With the Gore Verbinski “Lone Ranger” project on hold, due to budget issues, Johnny Depp is currently eying the prospects of doing a remake of Dashiell Hammet’s “The Thin Man”.  The original adaptation of this story of the married detective team of Nick and Nora Charles, staring William Powell (above) and Myrna Loy, spawned a successful series of films which ran from 1934-1947.   There was also a successful radio show and TV show.  And unofficial remakes like “McMillan and Wife”  and “Hart to Hart” .  In short, this is an idea that’s worked and worked and worked.  The Depp version will be produced and directed by Pirates 4 helmer Rob Marshall.  Guess, Depp can’t quit him.

So what do you think of this idea for a Depp project?  And who do you think Depp’s Nora Charles should be?

Toys: Cthulhu Cutie!

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When you imagine the source of the next cute toy phenom, H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulu Mythos isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.  But the people at Dreamland Toyworks pictured the fun and irony in such a creation, launching a whole series of “My Little Cthulhu” toys.  One of them is pictured above.    To see the rest of the line click here.  Sure, this is being done with tongue planted firmly in cheek.  But so were “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and look how that ended up.

Fun Stuff: Nokia Ovi 3D Maps!

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The Internet can still occasionally serve up something cool.   The new Nokia Ovi 3D map site falls into that category.  Pointless but cool.  To get in on the pointless coolness click here.

Audio: THE WHISTLER – “Fatal Appointment”!

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“The Whistler” was another of the fine thriller anthologies from the Golden Age of Radio.  And this episode is especially thrilling.  It’s all about a unique insurance scam involving a gambler, fifty grand, the suicidal black sheep of a wealthy family and an appointment two years hence … a … “Fatal Appointment”.

If you want more episodes like this … just whistle … in the comments section.

Video: UFOs Caught on Video August 27, 2011!

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Some of the more interesting recent UFO footage from the tri-state area.   These were visible shortly before hurricane Irene hit the region.

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