Johnny Depp Gets “Thin”!

With the Gore Verbinski “Lone Ranger” project on hold, due to budget issues, Johnny Depp is currently eying the prospects of doing a remake of Dashiell Hammet’s “The Thin Man”.  The original adaptation of this story of the married detective team of Nick and Nora Charles, staring William Powell (above) and Myrna Loy, spawned a successful series of films which ran from 1934-1947.   There was also a successful radio show and TV show.  And unofficial remakes like “McMillan and Wife”  and “Hart to Hart” .  In short, this is an idea that’s worked and worked and worked.  The Depp version will be produced and directed by Pirates 4 helmer Rob Marshall.  Guess, Depp can’t quit him.

So what do you think of this idea for a Depp project?  And who do you think Depp’s Nora Charles should be?

3 Responses to “Johnny Depp Gets “Thin”!”

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  3. Wow, why remake this? orig. is the BEST! A modern Nora could be played by Marion Cotillard though, she looks so much like Myrna Loy. LOVED the original so so much.

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