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Toys: Cthulhu Cutie!

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When you imagine the source of the next cute toy phenom, H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulu Mythos isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.  But the people at Dreamland Toyworks pictured the fun and irony in such a creation, launching a whole series of “My Little Cthulhu” toys.  One of them is pictured above.    To see the rest of the line click here.  Sure, this is being done with tongue planted firmly in cheek.  But so were “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and look how that ended up.

G.I. JOE Not a Bomb!

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GI Joe The Rise of Cobra movie poster - DUKE

Industry pundits were expecting dismal returns for G.I. Joe.  The project had bad advance word of mouth, and online G.I. Joe geeks seemed upset with the direction of the film, calling it C.G.I. Joe and G. I. Joke.

But the film’s initial box office returns show it’s not the bomb expected.  It earned $22.3 million on Friday alone.  This is the largest Friday opening in August for a non-sequel, and the third largest August opener ever.  The film is expected to top $60m for the weekend.

Paramount isn’t popping any champagne corks, because, with it’s $175 million budget, G.I. Joe still has a long way to go to enter the profit column.  But they must be breathing a sign of relief.  No one can classify G.I. Joe as a bomb.


And with audience reaction generally positive, it should sell some toys.  And Paramount wisely took a piece of those profits as part of their deal with G.I. Joe manufacturer Hasbro.

Video: New G.I. JOE Trailer

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Fans of the Eighties cartoon have been upset with this film from the get go.  Paramount clearly misjudged the film fans wanted.  Or how large, strident and vocal a group that is.

Add to this recent rumors about the film’s troubled production and post production, and this trailer comes with many people ready to slam it.

This makes it almost impossible to judge the trailer on its own.  But give it a shot.

Ghostbusters Action Figures Announced!

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For years fans of the blockbuster film GHOSTBUSTERS have waited for quality collectable action figures.  They only have till June to wait.

From Action-Figure:

Sony Pictures Consumer Products and Mattel, Inc. announced today the development of a new collectible line of toys based on the world’s favorite poltergeist fighting team, the Ghostbusters, including an extensive cast of ghosts and ghostbusters – celebrating the 25th anniversary of the frightfully funny classic film “Ghostbusters.”

Mattel’s “Ghostbusters” collectible line debuts with 12-inch figures in June 2009, and will be available exclusively at Each figure will feature window box packaging and include authentic Ghostbuster equipment unique to each character. For the first time, Mattel’s line will include talent likeness of Egon Spengler, Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore. Select prototype figures will be on display February 6-8 at New York Comic Con and February 15 at Mattel’s New York Toy Fair Collector Preview Night (by invitation only).

Read more on the story here.

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