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Eli Roth to Direct Horror Series for Netflix!

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It was announced today that horror fan favorite director Eli Roth will be taking the reigns as director and executive producer for new horror series “Hemlock Grove”.  The series is being made exclusively for Netflix.  It’s based on a book Brian McGreevy who will also be scripting the series.

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A New Way to Save Cancelled Shows!

Posted in Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror, Television with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on May 19, 2011 by ghostradioworld

Did you favorite show just get cancelled?  Would you do anything to get it back?  but you don’t know where to start or what to do.  Well, a new website has been created that could be just what you’re looking for.  The site ( attempts to harness this energy and help get any or all cancelled shows back on the air.

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“The Event” Cancelled, But Netflix May Pick it Up!

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Yup,  the news of the cancellation of “The Event” was still fresh  when rumors began to circulate that Netflix may save the doomed series.  This rumor came via Deadline.  They reported:

Talks are underway with at least one distribution partner to take over the serialized drama … The Event executive producer Steve Stark wouldn’t comment, but I hear new original programming player Netflix’s name tossed around.

The news of “The Event’s” cancellation was no surprise.  But this development is.  We really enjoyed this series and would watch via any means.  A Netflix version would be great.  But even if that does occur, Deadline continues:

Word is that there has been interest from several cable and digital entities. Stark said that they are exploring the opportunities with  the “full support” of the studio, UMS.

All great bits of news for fans of this exciting sci-fi series.

TEKWAR Movies Streaming!

Posted in Movies, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror, Television with tags , , , , , , , , , on April 22, 2011 by ghostradioworld

What will the world look like in the 2040s?  What will cars look like?  What will the Internet be like?  We don’t know.  But in 1994 we saw one version of this via “Tekwar” a television adaptation of a series of cyberpunk novels by William Shatner (and several anonymous ghostwriters).  It’s a big pile of retro cyber goodness.  Sure, a lot of it’s cribbed from William Gibson and similar sources.  But other bits of it predict Minority Report and The Matrix.  They even use the term:  The Matrix.   The series has been available on DVD for quite some time.   But, until now, the four original television movies weren’t.  And they’re the best bit.

Now, thanks to Netflix, you can watch all four of the these TV movies via their streaming “watch instantly” feature.  These TV movies originally aired as part of Universal’s Action Pack.  The same syndicated package which gave rise to “Hercules Legendary Journeys“.

So strap on the VR glove, sit back and prepare for wonderful six-hour ride  into a nineties vision of the 21st century.  Not to mention a great performance by The Shat himself!

Harlan Ellison’s “OSCAR” Memories!

Posted in Books, Comics, Movies, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror, Video with tags , , , , , , , , , , on February 27, 2011 by ghostradioworld

This clip, from the fantastic documentary “Dreams With Sharp Teeth“, outlines Harlan Ellison‘s experience making The Oscar.  So don’t tell us we don’t offer more interesting Oscar coverage than your average site.  And, if you liked the clip, check out the rest of this documentary.  It’s currently streaming on Netflix.  Well worth your time.

Kevin Smith Does RED STATE His Way!

Posted in Movies, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror, Video, Writing with tags , , , , , , , , , , on January 26, 2011 by ghostradioworld

For more than a decade, the movie industry has been muttering about how the Internet, and other new technologies, will change movie distribution for ever.  But so far, that’s mainly all it’s been … muttering.   Sure there’s been Netflix streaming.  But that’s old stuff.  And there’s YouTube.  But that’s “amateur hour”.   Nothing really big has happened.  Nothing major.  No game changers.

So, finally, a filmmaker who’s been talking about this stuff has decided to put his movie where his mouth is.  That filmmaker is Kevin Smith.  And the film is Red State.  A horror film that looks unlike anything Smith has done before.   If you want to hear about exactly what he’s doing, there’s a bunch of podcasts, and a blog entry which explains it all in some detail.  And you can also watch him talk about it to the audience at Sundance below.  And if you don’t care about anything he has to say, but just wanna be part of the fun, click here.

It’s a bold move from Smith.  A bold move.

We don’t know if what he’s doing will work.  We don’t know if the film is any good.  But we applaud his efforts.  He’s hoisting his freak flag, and letting it fly!  More power to him!

Watch THE KEEP Online!

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Michael Mann’s The Keep still doesn’t have a U.S. DVD release.  But now fans can watch this eighties horror classic online, thanks to Netflix’s watch instantly feature.  And those who’ve never heard of it can experience it for the first time.

And, for the completely uninitiated, check the original trailer after the jump …

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