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Audio: Grant Morrison on Magic!

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A lecture on magic given at the Omega Institute in 2005 by comic book writer Grant Morrison.

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Warren Ellis’ Advice for Writers!

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Prolific comic book author, and novelist,  Warren Ellis was asked the following question on his blog:

what do you do when (if) you ever feel like giving up?

Find out how he answered after the jump.

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Golden Age Patriotic Comic Book Covers!

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In honor of Independence Day, here are a series of patriotic covers from comic books golden age.  Be warned that some of these covers feature racist portrayals of the Japanese and people of other races.  But this gallery would be incomplete if covers of this type were not included.  However, if you sensitive to such images perhaps you would prefer to skip this post.

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ART: Great Horror Comic Book Covers!

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Horror comics made quite an impact in the fifties, leading to congressional investigations and eventual a comics code.  But readers of that era just remember how great these comics were.  And one of the things that made the comics great was the covers.  Here we look a bunch of rare ones, offering a comment or two on each.

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Depp and King Take a Journey to “THE VAULT”!

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Back in June, we previewed an exciting comic book series called “The Vault”.  And it seems we weren’t the only one excited about this undersea adventure.  Super producer Graham King has snatched up the film rights.  And the film will be produced by his company (GK Films) in conjunction with Infinitum Nihil (Johnny Depp’s production company).  Sam Sarkar, the author of “The Vault”, is an executive at Infinitum Nihil.  The first issue of the comic hit shelves last week, and has already sold out!  If you haven’t yet picked up this comic, we urge you to tell your comic store.  The company needs this pressure to get a second print going.

Comic Book Preview: The Vault!

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Another exciting new series from Image comics!  We really dig the cover.  Has a strong Peter Benchley vibe.  Here’s what the publisher has to say about the story:

“The Vault” is kind of a contemporary Pandora’s Box story. It’s about a team of treasure hunters lead by two serious archaeologists that are searching for a rumored lost treasure. (And there are still lots of them left out there by the way.) They’re equipped with all the latest in high tech equipment, from imaging gear to robotics to deep sea, mechanical dive suits, they have it all. Not to mention, the means to fend off pirates or rival treasure hunters if the need arises. The search however, leads them to uncover something that they didn’t expect at all and leaves them with a dilemna. Do they put it back and leave it alone? Or do they keep it and open it up?

The series  is written by Sam Sarkar and drawn by Garie Gastonny.  It  hits store shelves this August!  More preview images after the jump.

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ART: DARK KNIGHT Page Breaks Auction Record!

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A classic image (above) from Frank Miller’s seminal comic The Dark Knight Returns sold today at Heritage Auctions for $448,125.  This is the largest price ever paid for a page of comic book art at a public auction.  However, since much comic art is sold in confidential private sales, it may not be the largest price ever paid.

The previous record was for the sale of Frank Frazetta’s cover for Weird Fantasy #29 which sold for $380,000.

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