THE TOMORROW PEOPLE Remake — First Look!

Tomorrow People

This fall the CW will introduce a remake of the British cult series “The Tomorrow People”.  Get a first look and some background info after the jump.  Or is that “jaunt’?

What is “The Tomorrow People”?  It was a British children’s series that aired between 1973 and 1979.  It followed the story of a group of young people who were the next stage in human evolution.  They had telepathic abilities, telekinesis and the ability to teleport.  They called the latter “jaunting”.  They used these powers to protect the human race from all manner of threats.  Everything from aliens to right wing coups.   The show was a has maintained a strong cult following.  One of the things that it’s best remember for is it’s compelling title sequence:

A reboot of the series occurred in the nineties.  It ran for three series.  To somewhat less acclaim.  This takes us to the present.  And the CW’s revamp.  It appears to keep the basic premise.  But skews the cast, and audience appeal, somewhat older.  It also adds some flashy Matrix-ish effects.  Here’s a brief preview:

And here’s an extended clip:

The news series has been developed by Greg Berlanti (“Arrow” and “Dawson’s Creek”) and Julie Plec (“Vampire Diaries”). It stars Robbie Amell (“1600 Penn”), Peyton List (“Mad Men”, “90210”),  Luke Mitchell (“Home and Away”) and TV stalwart Mark Pelegrino (“Lost”, “Supernatural”, “Revolution”).

Cautious optimism seems in order.  Both for fans of the original series (us!) and people new to the material.  It is, however, something of a pity that it is a remake rather than a sequel.  It would be nice if the previous series existed in some sense in the universe of the new series.  However, perhaps they’ll introduce some of this as the show progresses.

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