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Happy New Year and …

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Welcome back to 2014!

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Before the paperback book.  Before comics.   There were the Pulps.   They were named for the cheap pulpwood paper on which they were printed.  But they were famous for their exciting, often lurid covers.  The covers really sold these magazine.  So, like many other mags, when Christmas rolled around, they’d attach a Christmas theme to these covers.  But, being pulps, it never was quote as simple as that.

See some great examples after the jump.

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Video: Recent Ghost Videos!

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ghosts caught on tape

Round up of intriguing recent ghost videos after the jump.

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Thirty years ago today Jim Hensen’s fantasy epic Dark Crystal opened in theaters across the country.  Proving Muppets could be more than just the denizens of “Sesame Street”.   They could go beyond the variety and comedy of “The Muppet Show”.  They could be something serious.  Something deep.  Something unique.

Watch the original trailer and other goodies after the jump.

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Christmas Audio: THE CINNAMON BEAR – Episodes 3 and 4!

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Today the gang continues their exciting journey through Maybeland, encountering some thrilling new characters including their first encounter with the bizarre blotting paper creatures with spear pens … the Inkaboos!

If you missed any of the previous adventures click here.

AUDIO: Bradbury 13 – “A Sound of Thunder”

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“A Sound of Thunder”:  It’s a time travel story.  It’s a dinosaur story.  And it’s one of the best examples of  both.  It’s also a classic and hugely influential.  This adaptation originally aired on the radio show “Bradbury 13”  on May 21, 1984.



ART: Fantasy Take on THE AVENGERS!

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Check these fine concept sketches by Italian artist Denis Medri, giving as a view of what The Avengers might look like in a Tolkien or Dungeons and Dragons style fantasy universe.  We dig these sketches so much we want the mini-series, like, now!

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