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Vote on Your Favorite New Broadcast Network Genre Show!

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genre shows 2013
Although there are more to come in the weeks ahead, the broadcast networks have already premiered three of their new genre shows. Which is your favorite:

And post your thoughts on any of these series in the comments section below!

“The River” Ratings Hold Steady!

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The ratings for “The River” were still low this week.  But they held steady.  Scoring a 1.7 rating with the 18-49 demo.  This suggests, once again, that the audience who tuned in for the premiere has stuck with the show.  And it probably also means that much of the show’s “failure” can be laid at the feet of the marketing people.

STAR TREK ’09 Inspired by Lou Feck?

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Here’s another post in honor of Star Trek’s 45th Anniversary.  We always felt that dry dock scene in Star Trek ’09 was inspired by seventies Star Trek cover artist Lou Feck.  And we think the composite above makes that abundantly clear.  That visual connection was one of the first things that got us excited about this film before release.

Will Syfy Bring Back THE EVENT?

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Rumors abound this week and last that the Syfy Channel is mulling over the possibility of continuing NBC’s “The Event” either as a mini-series or a ongoing.  Star Taylor Coles hopes the answer is yes.  She told Popcornbiz:

We’re waiting to hear if ‘The Event” is going to get picked back up … They keep breaking our hearts and then giving us hope.

However, Syfy exec Craig Engler tweeted this:

To answer some questions I’ve been getting, at this time we have no plans to pick up “The Event”.

Is that just the usual non-denial, denial.  Or is it definitive?  In the words of the show’s original promo:  What will you believe?

A New Way to Save Cancelled Shows!

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Did you favorite show just get cancelled?  Would you do anything to get it back?  but you don’t know where to start or what to do.  Well, a new website has been created that could be just what you’re looking for.  The site ( attempts to harness this energy and help get any or all cancelled shows back on the air.

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“The Event” Cancelled, But Netflix May Pick it Up!

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Yup,  the news of the cancellation of “The Event” was still fresh  when rumors began to circulate that Netflix may save the doomed series.  This rumor came via Deadline.  They reported:

Talks are underway with at least one distribution partner to take over the serialized drama … The Event executive producer Steve Stark wouldn’t comment, but I hear new original programming player Netflix’s name tossed around.

The news of “The Event’s” cancellation was no surprise.  But this development is.  We really enjoyed this series and would watch via any means.  A Netflix version would be great.  But even if that does occur, Deadline continues:

Word is that there has been interest from several cable and digital entities. Stark said that they are exploring the opportunities with  the “full support” of the studio, UMS.

All great bits of news for fans of this exciting sci-fi series.

Wonder Woman Not Picked Up For Series!

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TV by the Numbers is reporting:

Wonder Woman has been picked up to series by NBC, but no information yet on its scheduling.

Although this news isn’t official, TBN trusts their source.  And our sources are confirming this.  So we feel pretty confident in reporting this.  We do, however, hear rumors that some re-shoots are planned to “adjust the tone” of the pilot.  Hmmm … more on that later.

Update:  The rumor mill is still going crazy over this story.  Some still insisting the series is a go.  Other say no.  But most say no real answer till the 16th.  

Update II:  It seems that TV By the Numbers is changing their tune.  Now they’re reporting:

Apparently, NBC has now passed on Wonder Woman, which our previously reliable source had told us would be picked up.

So much for new superhero series this fall.  We’ll have to settle for … um … “Charlies Angels”?

THE EVENT Gets Lowest Ratings Yet!

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It doesn’t look like “The Event” will be going out on a high note.  This week’s episode scored an all-time low for the series, racking up a rating of 1.1 with the 18-49 demo.  We’re only two episodes away from  the season (and probably the series) finale.  So it’s unlikely that things will look much rosier in the future.  On the plus side, the series itself has been hugely exciting.  On a healthier network this might have been a hit.  On NBC … need we say more?

Slight Ratings Increase for “THE EVENT”!

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Monday’s airing of the latest episode of the sci-fi series “The Event” saw an 18% increase in the ratings, giving the show a 1.3 in the 18-49 demo.  However, a small increase like this is unlikely to keep the show from being cancelled.  Pity.  These last few eps have been thrilling.

Ratings for THE EVENT Drop a Shade!

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As “The Event” inches today likely cancellation the Monday airing dropped a tenth of a point to a 1.1 rating in the 18-49 demo.  Although it won’t help “The Event” this low consistency is something future programmers need to look at.  Further analysis of the demo is also needed.

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